How To Freeze Pears For Smoothies

Are you looking to learn how to freeze pears for smoothies? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Pears are, at least in my opinion an underrated fruit.

They are often available to buy on offer, and can be used in a variety of different meals and drinks, as well as being a super healthy snack!

Tools & Equipment For Freezing Food

These are my tried and tested tools and equipment for freezing food.

Whether it’s fresh fruits or completely prepared meals these tools will make the process easier, and the food last longer and taste better!

Containers – We opt for glass containers as they are better for the environment, much higher quality and don’t stain like plastic, however they are an investment.

So if you’re short on money buy high-quality plastic containers in the meantime.

Just be sure that you buy your containers in a range of sizes as you’ll be using them to freeze and store a range of different foods.

Ziplock Bags – Invest in quality freezer bags and they’ll help keep out air, prevent frost and keep your food fresh for longer.

The majority of the high-quality ziplock bags come with a small area for you to write information about the food (i.e. what it is, when it was frozen and defrosting instructions) on the bag.

Ice Cube Trays – Ice cube trays can help you freeze more than just water. Instead, we use them for freezing small portions of food such as egg whites, tomato sauce, pesto etc.

Simply add the food to the tray, freeze and once frozen pop the food out and into a ziplock bag, then you can simply take one or two portions of food out and defrost as needed.

Foil Baking Containers – We use foil baking containers when we’re batch cooking frozen meals.

They are affordable, durable and come in a variety of sizes allowing you to portion out or put everything in one large container to be cooked at a later date.

If all that wasn’t enough, the majority of meals are safe to be cooked in the oven with the foil container. This reduces the amount of hassle, time and washing up you’ll have to do – winner!

How To Freeze Pears For Smoothies

Being by taking your pear, and ensuring it’s ripe. If it’s already slightly expired, dark and the consistency is squishy then it’s not going to freeze very well.

Once you’ve checked the quality of the pears you’ll want to wash any dirt off under the tap, and then peel it.

A simple Y peeler will do the job, or a fancy electric peeler if you’re feeling a bit swish.

Next cut the pear in half and remove the seeded core, using a teaspoon or a melon baller if you have one.

Remove the stems too, and slice into manageable chunks.

To prevent the fruit from browning, apply a mixture of lemon juice and water over the surface of the fruit.

Now place the pear chunks in a freezer bag, close it up leaving as little air inside as possible and pop it in the freezer.

How To Defrost Pears For Smoothies

Frozen pears can keep in the freezer for up to twelve months. After freezing them you’ll want to defrost them to use in your smoothie.

To do so, you can follow one of the following options;

Place them in the fridge, for 12 hours/overnight where they’ll warm up from the freezer to a temperature in which the consistency is workable.

Be sure to leave the bag of pears on a plate to avoid any water from the bag leaking out over your fridge.

Alternatively, for a slightly shorter defrosting time, you can leave the bag out on the counter at room temperature.

Again, I’d suggest leaving a towel or a plate under the bag to catch any leaking water.

Defrosting the pears using this method should take between 2 to 4 hours depending on the temperature of your home.

Finally, if you’re looking to defrost your pears for smoothies quickly then grab a large bowl and fill it with water.

Then submerge the bag under the water and leave for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes remove the bag and check on the pears.

If they haven’t defrosted simply repeat the process until they have.

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