6 Healthy Substitutes for Heavy Cream

Heavy cream has been a favorite ingredient when preparing a variety of recipes such as sauces, sour cream, soups, ice cream, and homemade butter.

However, there comes a time when you must change your diet for healthy living.

6 Healthy Substitutes for Heavy Cream

The substitutes discussed below are healthier and ideal ingredients for your favorite dishes whether soups, pasta, or sauces.

1. Milk and butter

Milk goes well with most dishes including sauces and soups.

It’s a perfect substitute for heavy cream and contains less fat.

If your recipe requires heavy cream, then simply use milk and butter as a substitute.

Melt 1/3 cup of unsalted butter then a whisk in 3/4 cup of milk. Add some floor to make it thicker.

2. Use Greek yogurt

A great substitute for heavy cream in frosting and in recipes that need thickness.

It’s thicker than ordinary yogurt and has a slightly sour taste, which you can add no-calories sweeteners to change.

I also use it on cheesecakes.

You can vary the flavor and consistency by adding an equivalent amount of whole milk to give you the fatty taste on your crusts and bread.

3. Soy milk and tofu

The combination is a healthy substitute that whips nicely.

It’s a great substitute for vegans.

Besides, you can blend soy milk and tofu to enjoy the high-protein, low-fat option.

I normally adjust the amounts to get a good consistency and enjoy a smooth mixture.

I love using the combination for my pasta sauce.

Try using equal amounts of soy milk and tofu, then simmer it on low heat to ensure there is no curdling.

You will absolutely love it!

4. Vanilla extract and evaporated milk

Chill your evaporated milk in the refrigerator and add vanilla extract to flavor.

It also makes milk more versatile and ideal for sauces and soups.

I prefer them when frosting cupcakes and cakes.

Coconut milk with vanilla extract also works well and has a nice consistency. In fact, it’s ideal for an ice cream (did you know you can microwave it?) treat.


. Low-fat cream cheese

I use it in my pasta sauce.

Always use cheese cream to milk ratio 1:2, whether you are preparing sauces or soups. This gives you a delicious taste.

Add stevia to take away the sour taste.

6. Oats supreme

I highly recommend it for vegans.

It has the best consistency and healthier than other substitutes above.

What do we know about the heavy cream?

It comes from the high-fat milk part after leaving the fresh milk to stand.the cream settles on top where you can easily scrap it off.

Actually, cream has 36-40% saturated fats, which are higher than most cream varieties in the market, and dangerous if you have high cholesterol.

Why use heavy cream substitutes?

The goal is to reduce calorie intake and high-saturated fat for a healthier body.

Managing saturated-fats is crucial to lowering cholesterol levels.

A cup of heavy cream adds between 160-300mgs of cholesterol, which is unhealthy.

A teaspoon of the same adds 52 calories.

This makes it unhealthy if you suffer from diabetes, a heart disorder, hypertension or obesity.

On the other hand, the substitutes offer better nutritional value without the problems that come with heavy cream.

They have a positive impact on your health.

Most importantly, they are delicious and serve the same purpose.

You Can Substitute Heavy Cream For Healthier Options

Not everything tasty is healthy for your body.

When battling high cholesterol or weight loss etc, it’s good to make a lifestyle change.

Change your diet to include healthier ingredients while cutting down on calories.

Heavy cream substitutes don’t compromise the nutritional value, rather it enhances it while keeping you healthier.

Take up these alternatives to stay healthy.