What is Black Garlic Oil and How Is It Used?

Black garlic oil is also commonly referred to as burnt garlic oil.

This oil bears an Asian origin and in Japanese, it is known as Mayu.

One of the ways of preparing burnt garlic oil is by burning garlic in oil.

However, before getting to the scorching bit, I should first expound on the required ingredients and later on, the preparation process.

How Is Black Garlic Oil Made?

Garlic and oil are the fundamental components needed when preparing burnt garlic oil.

You may add other constituents if you wish, such as chili or sesame oil. Nonetheless, sesame and chili oil are optional.

The constituents to be included are subject to your personal preference.

You would require two heads of garlic and a little amount of oil.

Either vegetable oil or canola oil is ideal for this purpose.

Now that we have the needed ingredients, below are the steps to making black garlic oil:

  1. Grate the heads of garlic into minute pieces. When the garlic is micro-grated, it is easier and takes shorter to fry.

  2. Put the grated garlic and some oil in a pan. Begin with moderate to high heat and once the garlic obtains a golden-brown color, reduce the heat and give it time to fry slowly.

    At this low heat, the garlic is allowed to preserve its flavor. After some time, the garlic will become black. Once this happens, turn off the heat and get the pan away from the hot surface.

  3. If you have any additives you wish to include, such as chili oil, put them in the garlic and mix.

Preparing burnt garlic oil is that easy. Now that you have it ready, how do you use it?

Using Black Garlic Oil

This seasoning is popularly used for Japanese noodle broth.

Nevertheless, you can add black garlic oil to anything, such as rice and toast.

Since burnt garlic oil has such a rich taste, it easily adds flavor to a variety of food. 

Therefore, you should not hesitate to use it on any kind of meal.

Aside from its remarkable flavor, burnt garlic oil has multiple benefits to the body.

What Are the Benefits of Black Garlic Oil?

1. Contains a substantial amount of antioxidants

Compared to raw garlic, burnt garlic oil contains higher levels of antioxidants, that play a role in preventing the destruction of cells by unbalanced molecules.

These antioxidants also boost metabolic processes in the body.

The antioxidants contained in burnt garlic oil fight against infections such as fungal and bacterial.

In addition to this, they also get rid of toxins that come from air pollution or even radiation.

2. Enhances the health of the heart

Regular intake of burnt garlic oil significantly reduces the risk of getting heart illnesses.

Burnt garlic oil stabilized the flow of blood into and out of the heart.

On top of this, the burnt garlic oil increases the strength of the heart’s muscles.

With strong muscles and proper blood circulation, the heart is healthy and free from sicknesses.

3. Makes the blood sugar steady

When the blood sugar level is not steady, it is common to experience fatigue, symptoms related to diabetes, or even kidney problems.

Consumption of burnt garlic oil makes the blood sugar stable and normal.

Consequently, chances of ending up diabetic or having kidney-related illnesses are reduced.

4. Protects cognitive functionality

The intake of black garlic oil enhances the health of the brain.

It gets rid of any kind of inflammation that may affect cognitive function.

With the consumption of black garlic oil, memory is boosted and mental health, in general, is conserved.

With the above benefits, we would all love to have some black garlic oil ourselves.

A tip to remember is that, if you want to increase its shelf life and maintain its rich flavor, ensure that you refrigerate it.