Substitutes For Coconut Oil, Cream, Vinegar, Sugar and Flakes

For most cooks and food lovers, the use of coconut in cooking is often a given. I am of a similar opinion, and I will not even try to hide my bias.

When used in meals, coconut oil often provides a rich and flavorful taste, and it possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties.

However, in case it runs out, I explored some alternatives that could similarly serve.

Coconut sugar substitute

Maple syrup: laden with potassium, zinc, and calcium but doesn’t taste the same

Raw honey: as sweet as sugar but only a quarter required for the same result.

Date sugar: it’s sweet like coconut sugar but has a higher glycemic index.

Substitute for coconut sugar in baking

Light brown sugar: sweeter than coconut sugar but lacks nutritional advantage.

Sucanat: it is as sweet as coconut sugar but has a rough texture.

Coconut cream substitute

A combined extract of coconut and light cream but in a 4:1 ratio.

Greek yogurt: is a close substitute but used mostly in curry recipes.

Coconut oil alternative

Neutral oil: it is good in a 1:1 ratio but has a lighter flavor.

Butter: it is the closest to coconut oil but brings out a more rich and savory flavor.

Coconut vinegar substitute

Cider vinegar: it is the most similar to coconut vinegar but has a higher glycemic index.

Rice vinegar: it is good for a 1:1 but sweeter than coconut vinegar.

Coconut substitute

Chopped nuts and groundnuts: they are very similar to coconut but contain natural oils.

Plain yogurt: it is a great substitute but has more fat solids held in suspension.

Substitute for shredded coconut

Coconut extract: it is best in a 1:1 ratio but offers a more powerful flavor.

Substitute for coconut flakes

Raisins: it is a great substitute but contains sweet and chewy ingredients.

Sunflower seeds and flax seeds: similar to coconuts flakes but crunches on top of salads.

Coconut nectar substitute

Maple syrup: it is quite similar to coconut nectar, even down to the texture.

Substitute for coconut milk

Soy milk: can be used in a one-to-one ratio, but it contains more protein.

Oat milk: can be used in a one-to-one ratio but is very rich in beta-glucan.

Substitute for coconut milk in a curry

Heavy cream: it is used in a 2:1 ratio and adds more richness to the meal.

Sour cream: compared to coconut milk, when used in curry, it is sweeter.

Substitute for coconut flour

Almond flour: it has a lower glycemic index and carbohydrates but contains higher levels of omega-6.

Cassava flour: it is very dry and fine but high in carbohydrates.

What Will You Substitute Your Coconut Flavours For Next Time You Run Out?

From its fruity, milky, and sweet flavors, the coconut is most of the time an important component in bringing out those rich flavors.

In its absence, however, there are alternatives like maple syrup, raw sugar, honey, date sugar, almond flour, cassava flour, sour cream, oat milk, raisins, chopped nuts, plain yogurt, neutral oil, cider vinegar, and succinct which can substitute and bring out an almost similar flavor.