Where To Find All Your Favourite Coconut Based Products In The Store

Coconut is a tropical food usually sold in supermarkets, whole food, and grocery stores.

When shopping for these products, you may have a hard time locating them in a store. This post seeks to eliminate this issue.

Where can I buy coconut bread?

You can buy coconut bread on Amazon. The online store offers a wide range of options on coconut bread.

However, offline stores like Food Co-Op and grocery stores may also carry coconut bread.

Where to find desiccated coconut?

You can buy a desiccated coconut at stores like Walmart. They offer various sizes and ratings on desiccated coconut in their baking supplies aisle.

Grocery stores also carry this product. You can also find these products on the baking supplies aisle of convenience stores.

Where to find coconut cream in the grocery store?

You can find coconut cream in the canned fruit or vegetable aisle of the grocery store.

Note that coconut cream is not the same as coconut milk, although the two may be found in the same aisle. Coconut cream is condensed, thicker, and resembles a paste.

Where to buy coconut wraps?

Online stores like NUCO online store and Amazon carry coconut wraps.

On the other hand, offline stores like supermarkets, including Walmart, and grocery stores may also carry these ingredients.

Coconut wraps are usually found in the bread or grocery aisles.

Where is coconut milk in the grocery store?

The most accessible place to start looking for coconut milk in the grocery store is the refrigerated milk section.

Most grocery stores usually have this product next to other dairy milk products.

However, you can also try the health food and beverage aisle, where there are shelf-stable beverages.

Some grocery stores also have coconut milk in the cereal aisle since the milk can be poured over cereal.

Where to buy fresh coconut?

A grocery store is the best place to get fresh coconut. You can find these products in the fresh produce aisle.

You can also purchase fresh coconut from online stores like Coco Reserve store and Amazon.

The former is a large distributor of fresh coconuts from different parts of the world.

Coconut butter where to buy it?

You can buy coconut butter from Walmart, Amazon, and Thrive Market. Grocery stores and convenience stores also carry this product.

Like the Whole Foods Market, some supermarkets also carry coconut butter in their refrigerated food’s aisle or dairy foods section.

Where to buy coconut milk powder?

Stores like Target carry coconut milk powder in their condensed and powdered milk product sections.

You can also find this product in grocery stores selling coconut products. Walmart also sells this product in the baking staples section.

If you do not have a target or Walmart next to you, you can always get the product from online stores like Amazon.

Where to find coconut oil in the store?

The answer to this question depends on the store and how it categorizes the product.

For instance, at While Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Food Lions, you will find coconut oil in the oils or organic/health foods section.

Some stores carry this product in their ethnic food aisle because of its tropical nature.


You can find coconut products in grocery stores, supermarkets, and online stores.

When it comes to their location in the stores, it mainly depends on how the store categorizes the product.

It also depends on the specific coconut product.