Food That Starts With The Letter O (Some of These are WEIRD!)

The list below contains some of the different food types that start with the letter “o.”

If you have a passion for learning new meals, treats, and ingredients, this is the best place to start!

The most common type of food starting with later include oysters, oranges, olives, olive oil, oats, oatmeal, orka, omelettes.


Hulled oats are the main ingredient that can either be milled or steel-cut.

Oatmeal forms a part of an easy and quick breakfast you can make.

You can add a different ingredient to oatmeal to make it tasty.


They are similar to crackers or biscuits.

Oatcake is a flatbread similar to pancake prepared with its main ingredient: oatmeal.


It is a traditional Mexican dessert.

This dessert contains thin layers of wafers that add a sweet filling to the meal.


It is a Kenya traditional dish made from cornmeal.

It is cooked with boiling water to attain a thick-like porridge consistency.

Ogbono soup

It is a Nigerian dish made using ground, dry ogbono seeds.

The different ogbono soup will depend on the geographical location you are at.

Oil down

It is from Granada. Oil down consists of coconut milk stewed meat or salted fish in one pot.

You can add starchy tubers and vegetables to the mix.


It is a Russian cold soup. Okroshka is a mix of eggs, raw vegetables, cooked meat, and boiled potatoes.

The cooked meat can be ham (it can be microwaved), veal, beef, or sausages.

Olive oil

Olive oil comes from an olive. Olive is pressed to extract oil.

You can get different olive purity ranging from olive oil, olive oil blend to extra virgin olive oil.


Ollie is made using different meats and vegetables.

It is a French soup. It is commonly made using sausage (learn to microwave them), beans, and bacon.


It is a dish prepared using beaten eggs.

Eggs are fried in oil or butter using the frying pan.

You can fold an omelette halfway through cooking around fillings like chives, mushrooms (can you microwave them?), meat, vegetables, or cheese.

Opera cake

It is a traditional French cake.

It is made using a coffee syrup-soaked layer of almond sponge.

Opera cakes are mostly layered with buttercream-like ganache coffee and coated with chocolate glaze.


Oreo is one of the best American sandwich cookies consisting of sweet crème of chocolate wafers.

You can use different chocolate flavours depending on your taste.


It is a Lombard traditional dish that consists of vegetables, broth, and wine shrank cross-cut veal.

You can serve ossobuco with risotto or polenta and is popularly garnished with gremolata.

Ostriche arrosto

It is one of the classic dishes you can have.

It contains mainly parsley-boiled oysters, olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, and breadcrumbs.

You should grill oysters despite the fact that they are not always grilled.


This is a common name for marine salt-water mollusk families.

Oysters are among the oldest dish.

They can be eaten raw and served over rice.

You need to chew oyster instead of swallowing it whole to savour its full flavour.


It is a hybrid fruit that is crossed from orange and grapefruits.

This fruit can either be round or pear in shape with citrus flavour and yellow rind.

You can enjoy this type of food with any dish.

Common and Unusual Foods Starting With O

The most common type of food starting with later include oysters, obusuma, orangelo, Ostriche arrosto, Olive oil, Ogbono soup, and okroshka.