Can You Ripen Avocado In The Microwave?

Most of the time, when I have friends coming over for lunch or dinner, I like to spice things up in the kitchen. Since there are plenty of dishes usually to choose from, salads and guacamole can never miss on my menu.

It is not always that there will be ripe avocados at my disposal. Therefore, I am usually forced to come up with a way to fasten the ripening process of the fruit.

That is where a microwave comes in. Yes, it is possible to ripen an avocado in a Microwave, but there are some things that you need to put into consideration first.

How to Ripen an Avocado in the Microwave

When you love cooking, often you find yourself trying out new recipes, some of which may turn out great while some may not. As a family woman, you know what meals your family members enjoy the most.

Most people love to accompany their meals with guacamole or salad. The creamy taste of the fruit adds some delicious taste to the food.

You need to be acquainted with the process of ripening an avocado to save on time. With a microwave, the texture of the avocado becomes soft, but it will not have the creamy and nutty taste that a naturally ripened avocado possesses.

Please keep in mind that microwaving only works when the avocado is partly ripe and not completely hard. Here are some simple steps to follow during the process.

Step One: Create A Vent For Steam

Using a fork, you can stab the avocado three times to create a vent for gas, pressure and steam.

Alternatively, you can cut the avocado into two pieces and remove the seed. Ethylene gas is present in avocados that help them ripe, thus having the creamy taste that we all are familiar with.

This gas is explosive.

Therefore, do not tightly wrap an avocado in a plastic bag or tin when placing it in a microwave. The gas and the steam trapped in the fruit will cause pressure to build up, thus causing it to explode.

Step Two: Set The Timer & Check It Regularly

Place the avocado in the Microwave and depending on the type of Microwave, set the power at the required degree and place the right timing.

Occasionally check on it after each duration. It is not automatic that the avocado will ripen after the first round. Therefore you can repeat the interval whenever necessary.

Nutritionists always advise letting the avocado ripen naturally at room temperature. If you know you have friends or visitors coming over, plan your menu early enough.

If your family enjoys avocados as part of their menu, get enough ripe avocados on time. The microwave method is effective because it makes the avocado soft enough for your guacamole.

Things You Need to Know before Ripening an Avocado in the Microwave

  • Remove the seed before microwaving the fruit as it may hinder even distribution of heat in the fruit.
  • Remember that only the flesh is undergoing heating.
  • The flavor of the fruit will change because the ripening process is not natural. Therefore, if you are longing for the natural nutty and creamy taste that an avocado usually has, you won’t get it.

    Even though using the Microwave to ripen avocado seems fast and effective, always go for the natural way of ripening the fruit. That is the best way you can enjoy this mouthwatering fruit.