How Much Does An Instant Pot Weigh

Instant pots are a well loved kitchen appliance and are very popular in a number of countries across the world. While they are extremely useful for a number of cooking styles and meal ideas there can be some drawbacks. One of which is the weight of the appliance.

Instant pots can weight anything from 9lbs to 22lbs depending on the Instant Pot size, capacity and lid style. These are all factors you might want to take into account especially if you plan to store your Instant Pot out of sight when it isn’t in use.

Keep on reading for more information on Instant Pot weights, sizes and things you might need to know before buying.

Why Do I Need To Know How Much An Instant Pots Weigh?

There are a number of different reasons why you might need to know how much any of your household appliances weigh, even though it might seem like a strange piece of knowledge to go looking for. Right away, there are three reasons we can think of that you might need to know the weight of your instant pot: getting the pot delivered, moving with it, and storing it.

When you first get your instant pot delivered, you might just get it delivered straight to your house by a courier that spends their entire day lifting and moving heavy boxes. It’s their job to do just that, so you’d be forgiven for not thinking about the weight in this context.

However, what are you going to do with the heavy pot when they’ve placed it on your doorstep? You’ll still need to pick up the pot and take it to your kitchen to set it up and get it ready.

This could pose even more of a challenge for people who might have trouble with mobility – the instant pot can make cooking easier but actually getting the pot to your kitchen can be a challenge.

A lot of these reasons apply when you’re moving home with your instant pot. If you’ve chosen to hire movers, they’ll likely be perfectly happy to move boxes around and help you place things wherever they might need to go. However, there’s every chance that you might not have chosen to hire movers.

Instead, you may simply have asked a few friends to give you a hand. We don’t blame you, it’s certainly more cost-effective! In that case, though, it becomes a little tricky to ask any of your friends to pick up a heavy pot.

You ought to learn the weight of the pot so that you can responsibly ask a stronger friend of yours to carry it, especially if you’ll be moving somewhere that’s up some stairs, or otherwise tough to access.

Finally, the storage concern comes to mind. It’s all well and good adding another appliance to your kitchen, and we actually love doing just that! There’s something fundamentally lovely about adding another useful tool to your arsenal, but what about when you need to store that tool?

If your options for counter space are limited, then you might want to move any appliances that are not currently being used into storage or up onto a shelf. If your instant pot is particularly heavy, and a shelf is a little unstable, you can walk into a fairly dangerous situation.

The best way to deal with this is to make sure that your shelves and cupboards are rated for heavier weights, and also to keep your instant pot in low cupboards rather than high shelves. At the end of the day, it’s better that the pot falls from a cupboard and chips the display than falling off a shelf and hurting you or someone in your family.

How Much Does An Instant Pot Weigh?

Instant Pot ModelMeasurementsWeight
Duo Crisp & Air Fryer 8LWith air fryer lid:
14.76in x 13.58in x 15.28in
With pressure cooker lid:
14.76in x 13.58in x 14.17in
Duo Evo Plus13in x 12.7in x 12.8in5.9kg/13.01lb
Duo Evo Plus 8014.37in x 13.9in x 14.2in7.2kg/15.82lb
Duo Plus 3L11.5in x 10.2in x 10.98in4kg/8.8lb
Duo Plus 5.7L13.39in x 12.21in x 12.48in5.6kg/12.35lb
Duo Plus 8L14.8in x 13.5in x 14.49in7.01kg/15.57lb
Duo 3L11.4in x 10in x 11.2in3.9kg/8.6lb
Duo 5.7L13.4in x 12.2in x 12.5in5.4kg/11.8lb
Duo 8L14.9in x 13.2in x 14in7.2kg/15.8lb

Duo Crisp & Air Fryer 8L

This model is, by far, the heaviest of all of the different appliances that instant pot sells. There is a good reason for this, however! The appliance includes the functionality to also work as an air fryer, so it must have additional components within the machine.

Each of these additional components includes additional weight, leading to an appliance that’s very heavy overall.

This model clocks in at 10.3kg, or 22.7lb. This is very heavy for an appliance, so it’s worth considering whether you’d prefer one heavy appliance that can do it all, or two lighter ones that do the same jobs, but separately.

Duo Evo Plus & Duo Evo Plus 80

These two models are the next heaviest in the list, roughly speaking. The reason that these appliances are so heavy is that they also have a lot of features. While pressure cookers may only have one specific feature, a complex appliance like this has forty-eight presets!

All of these settings require certain physical features to work, which all adds up to a higher overall weight. The smaller size of this model weighs 5.9kg/13.01lb, and the larger size weighs 7.2kg/15.82lb.

A big reason that the larger instant pots weigh more is not only that the cooking pot within the appliance is physically larger, but all the components have to be larger as well. Wires have to be longer, and heating elements have to be larger or mounted differently too. Overall, the machine increases in weight a lot as they increase in size.

Duo Plus 3L, 5.7L, 8L

The different sizes of this particular model have quite a large difference in weights. The 3L pot weighs 4kg/8.8lb, the 5.7L weighs 5.6kg/12.35lb, while the 8L model weighs 7.01kg, 15.57lb.

The reason for these (relatively large) differences in weight between the 3L pot and the other sizes is that the smaller pot has fewer features. For example, the 3L pot does not include the cake-making program or the meat/stew programs. This means that the smaller pot cannot be used as a cake maker, or to prepare meats and stews.

Duo 3L, 5.7L, 8L

These three models are the lightest of the different models, as they’re really the ones which have the fewest features. The 3L model weighs 8.6lb/3.9kg, while the 5.7L model weighs 11.8lb/5.4kg, and, finally, the 8L model weighs 15.8lb/7.2kg.

The differences in these weights are down to a few things. There are the obvious things, such as the size of the internal cooking pot, and the less obvious things, such as additional features. The larger two sizes come with two extra programs that you can use – multigrain and poultry.

Poultry is, of course, used for cooking poultry, while multigrain is used for cooking brown or wild rice. The multigrain feature starts off with a fifty-minute-long soak of the rice at 140˚F, followed by a nine-minute cooking time at 248˚F.