Five Best Hand Mixers for Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints and makes it difficult for people to use standard appliances like hand mixers. People with arthritis are often limited in their cooking abilities because of how much strain these tasks put on their bodies. Luckily, there are hand mixers that can make life easier for people who suffer from arthritis! 

This post will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using a hand mixer and the five of the best hand mixers on the market for those who have arthritis! 

What Is A Hand Mixer?

A hand mixer is a small appliance that can be used to mix or blend ingredients. It has two electric beaters with rotating blades. And most of the time, hand mixers will plug into an outlet for power. 

Hand mixers typically come equipped with at least two beater attachments; however, the most common attachments available for hand mixers are:

  • One whisk
  • Two beaters
  • Two dough hooks

The following is a list of traits specific to this hand-held kitchen helper: 

  • Hand mixers are usually not as powerful as stand mixers
  • Hand mixers have beaters that rotate 
  • Hand mixers tend to be less expensive than stand mixers but more expensive than a simple wooden spoon or whisk
  • Most hand mixers can knead the dough, whip cream for desserts, or even mix cake batter without any issues at all
  • Most hand mixers plug into an electrical outlet for power
  • Some hand mixers come equipped with attachments such as a whisk and pasta maker
  • Some stand mixers can be converted to be used as hand mixers 

Hand mixers are great for arthritis because they save a person with achy hands from having to do all the hard work of mixing, whipping, or kneading. And this leads us right into our discussion on the overall benefits of using a hand mixer. 

Benefits Of Using A Hand Mixer

If arthritis causes you pain and frustration, hand mixers may just be the solution to your problems. Hand mixers are perfectly designed for people with arthritis, as they save your hands from having to do all the hard work. 

At first glance, it may seem like a hand mixer is only good for making cake batter or whipped cream; however, these appliances can do so much more. Any time you need something mixed, your hand mixer can be of great use. Some people even make mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs with their hand mixers!

There are many benefits to using a hand mixer. However, the most important benefit to people living with arthritis is the hand mixer’s ability to relieve pain in your hands and wrists. A person who has arthritis will be able to work with this type of mixer without any stress on their joints or discomfort in their fingers. 

Additionally, a person with arthritis will have all the following benefits of using a hand mixer:

  • Cost-efficient – A hand mixer is the perfect kitchen tool for anyone on a budget. It does not cost as much as a stand mixer and is worth the investment to save you the discomfort of using a manually powered kitchen device.
  • Durable – Hand mixers last a long time and can be used repeatedly for years.
  • Easy to clean – Almost all hand mixers are easier to clean than stand mixers. They have quick and easily removable parts that are dishwasher safe. 
  • Easy to store – Hand mixers are compact, and because they don’t take up as much space, you can save a lot of space in your cabinets. A bonus is that many hand mixers come with a snap-on container for storage. 
  • Lightweight – Hand mixers are perfect for people with arthritis because they are not heavy or cumbersome appliances. Hand mixers are easy to lift and maneuver while cooking or baking. 
  • Quieter than stand mixers – Some hand mixers operate at a lower decibel level than the larger stand mixers, making them perfect if you need or want an appliance that will not be too disruptive. 
  • Reduced hand stress – Hand mixers come equipped with several different attachments, which means you don’t have to put extra pressure on your hands, fingers, or wrists.
  • Versatile in the kitchen – Hand mixers are often used when whipping up a batter or eggs, but they can also be used to make fluffy mashed potatoes and smooth frostings!

Overall, a hand mixer is a great choice for people with arthritis because it reduces stress in their joints and discomfort in their fingers compared to using a hand-held utensil, like a whisk or wooden spoon.

Drawbacks Of Using A Hand Mixer

While a hand mixer is a great tool for people who have arthritis, it does not work as well when you need to mix large batches of dough, and it can be difficult to knead the dough if dough hook attachments are not included. And there are a few more drawbacks to using a hand mixer that are important for you to know.

The following is a list of disadvantages of using a hand mixer for people with arthritis:

  • No mixing bowl – A hand mixer does not include a mixing bowl like a stand mixer does, which means that you will need to mix and store your dough in your own container
  • Limited speeds – A hand mixer has limited speed settings available and will not go as fast as a stand mixer
  • Difficult to make bread – Hand mixers cannot be used when making bread if you do not have dough hooks. 
  • Cumbersome models – Hand mixers can be cumbersome if designed poorly and can be difficult to get used to if you have used a stand mixer or hand-held manual tool in the past.
  • No extra attachments – Hand mixers do not come with all the additional attachments you can get for a stand mixer 
  • Not good for heavy doughs – Hand mixers do not offer the same mixing power that a stand mixer will provide, which can be an issue if you’re working with heavier dough

There’s no doubt about it. There will be some tradeoffs and disadvantages when you’re looking at hand mixers compared to an alternative like a stand mixer. However, a hand mixer is a great tool for someone with arthritis. 

Be sure to watch out for hand mixers with digital buttons. These digital buttons can be extremely difficult to press with arthritis, so make sure you avoid this option. It is often touted as a high-tech option, but be wary. 

That said, you should not put too much weight on any one of these drawbacks alone but should consider them all together before making your decision. 

The Five Best Hand Mixers For Arthritis

Now let us dive into what makes the top five hand mixers we highlight below the best for people with arthritis. In the next sections, we will cover five high-quality choices that would be great for anyone who has hand, finger, or wrist discomfort from arthritis.

The best hand mixers for people with arthritis have the following qualities: 

  • Easy to use grip – The first thing to look for when shopping for a hand mixer is the grip. Make sure it’s large enough, so your fingers fit comfortably on the handle of the device and that you can comfortably hold a good amount of pressure to get things mixed up well. 
  • Simple and easy storage – Make sure the attachments can be removed easily with the push of a button, which keeps the hand mixer compact for storage and keeps your hands from doing any extra work. 
  • Lightweight – Test to ensure the hand mixer is light enough to be held comfortably for an extended period. 

Hand mixers are great for people with arthritis because they’ll not only save you time on food prep but also rescue your hands from unnecessary pain.

The SHARDOR Hand Mixer 

This hand mixer is one of the best for arthritis because of all the features it must meet for our high standards. 

The top functions of the SHARDOR hand mixer include all the following:

  • 250 watts
  • 59-inch-long cord
  • Clip-on storage case
  • Easy eject button
  • Five stainless steel attachments
  • Six different speed options
  • Turbo function

This model has six speeds, which is great for whipping up frosting, eggs, or batter. It is arthritis-friendly because of the easy release button for the attachments and its snap-on case for quick and clean storage. 

MIGVELA Electric Hand Mixer 

The MIGVELA electric hand mixer is perfect for people with arthritis because of its comfortable handle and lightweight design. All of the accessories are also dishwasher safe, so there is no need to grab a sponge to clean the attachments. And to clean the body of the machine, just wipe it down with a damp cloth. 

This hand-held kitchen mixer works great for whipping the following:

  • Batters  
  • Brownies  
  • Cakes
  • Cookies  
  • Cream  
  • Dough 
  • Eggs 
  • Potatoes  

A hand mixer is so versatile, you can whip up almost anything you can imagine with the MIGVELA electric hand mixer. 

The MIGVELA Electric Hand Mixer offers all the following functions:

  • Four 304 stainless steel accessories
  • Seven speeds
  • A turbo setting
  • Easy to use ejection button
  • One year warranty

While this option does not come with a whisk, it has two dough hooks and two beaters. And it has a breakdown of which speeds are best depending on what you are trying to make. The following table helps explain the different speeds and capabilities of the MIGVELA electric hand mixer:

Hand Mixer Speed SettingBest Uses
Speed 1 to 2Use these two settings to mix dry ingredients, like flour, baking soda, and more. 
Speed 3Speed three is good for mixing liquids, like salad dressing
Speed 4This is the best setting for mixing cake batters, cookie doughs, and bread doughs.
Speed 5Use this setting for creaming butter and sugar.
Speed 6 to 7This setting is good for whipping cream, eggs, frostings, and mashed potatoes.

The information above is not only good for people with arthritis, but it is helpful for everyone. You want to know which setting is best so that way you have complete control over the mixer. If you are using the wrong setting, it can be difficult to keep a handle on the mixer and not lose control of it or allow any ingredients to get out of the bowl you are mixing them in. 

Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe Electric Hand Mixer

Next up, we have the third option; a hand mixer from Hamilton Beach. It is a top-of-the-line choice for those with arthritis, and it was voted the number one brand for hand mixers in the United States in 2019 by the NPD Group.

The Hamilton Beach hand mixer has all the following features that make it attractive to someone with arthritis:

  • Snap-on storage case
  • QuickBurst function
  • Beaters, whisk, and bowl rest
  • Color options in white and black 
  • Six different speeds
  • 275 Watts at its peak power
  • Three dishwasher safe attachments

This hand mixer has a comfortable handle that makes it easy to hold. And it also has a bowl rest, making it a much easier mixer to use and guide while whipping up your kitchen creations.

This hand mixer allows you to start on the lowest speed setting, which is perfect for combining wet and dry ingredients, as it reduces splatter and a potential mess. 

One drawback to this hand mixer is that it does not have any dough hooks, so you would need to invest in a separate mixer with a dough hook if you want to make loaves of bread that require kneading. 

ON2NO Electric Hand Mixer

The fourth option is from ON2NO. This electric hand mixer stands apart from the others due to its ergonomic handle design. It sits comfortably in your hand without causing too much strain on the joints. It even has anti-shake protection built into the design. 

The ON2NO Electric Hand Mixer sets itself apart because it has all the following features:

  • 450W power hand-held mixer with turbo
  • Easy eject button
  • Five speeds

In addition to its high speed and power capabilities, this model is a lightweight machine with fast heat dissipation systems. 

This model also comes with five different 304 stainless steel accessories:

  • One whisk
  • Two beaters
  • Two dough hooks

And it can all be stored in the measuring cup storage case that the mixer fits nicely into and snaps right on. 

KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

This Empire Red hand mixer stands out from all the others just because of its color.

The KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer has all the following features:

  • 170 watts
  • Five speeds great for chunky ingredients or whipping cream
  • Eject button for accessories
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lockable swivel cord

This one does not include a storage case or additional attachments besides the beaters, but the lockable swivel cord sets it apart from the others. You do not need to worry about trying to maneuver around the bowl with the swivel cord. You select the direction of the cord to fit your needs. However, this one is only 3 pounds, making it a breeze to use for anyone with arthritis.

All five of these hand mixers are great options for those with arthritis. They have easy-to-set speeds and one-push eject buttons, which are important for those with arthritis.