Are French Presses Worth It?

French presses are a type of coffee maker that steep coffee grounds in water then press the water out, which becomes coffee. French presses tend to make better and bolder coffee than other coffee makers, but are they worth it?

French presses are worth it because they are easy to use, you can use it for more than just coffee, and it is easy to change how much, how strong, and what type of coffee grounds you want to use with a French press. But, you do need to be diligent about cleaning your French press.

This article explains the many benefits of French presses that make them worth it. I will also explain the downside of French presses and recommendations for good French presses you can add to your kitchen. 

Benefits of French Presses

There are a lot of benefits to French presses which make them well worth it. Here are some of the biggest benefits to French presses.

  • French presses are easy to use. All you need to do is add water and your choice of coffee grounds to the French press. Stir them together, then let the mixture sit in the press for a few minutes, usually four. You can press the plunger down and pour out your coffee when the timer is done. It is that easy!
  • You can use them to make more than just coffee with them. You can make many fun things to compliment your coffee, like whipped cream, frothed milk, and cold brew. You can also use it to store creamer, strain vegetables, or rinse rice. Finally, you can make foods unrelated to coffee like oil, soup, and tea. 
  • You can make different flavors and strengths of coffee in a French press. The longer you let the water sit in the French press, the stronger the coffee will be. If you want a lighter coffee, you can press the coffee sooner. And, you can use any type of coffee grounds in a french press.

If you want to learn more about French presses and how to use them in various ways, check out the book French Press Coffee Recipes on Amazon. You will learn how to use a French press, how French presses make coffee different from drip coffee, and the history of French presses around the world. 

Downside of French Presses

Although there are a lot of benefits of making coffee with a French press, there is one major downside: the cleaning process.

French presses take some time to clean if you do not have a dishwasher and a dishwasher safe French press. And, you need to wash your french press after every use, which can be daily for many people. 

To wash your French press, you need to take everything apart, including the plunger, the carafe, and any other springs, plates, and items, which vary depending on the type of French press you have. Wash and dry your French press before using it again.

And, make sure you know how to put your French press back together after you use and clean it. The first few times you do so, reference the instruction guide for details on cleaning.

If you want to learn how to clean a French press, you can watch this video on Youtube from French Press Coffee which teaches you how to properly clean a French press.

French Press Recommendations

French presses are great to have for all coffee drinkers and lovers. I have recommendations for good French presses that are easy to use (both are available on 

  • EAXCK 2022 Upgrade French Press. This French press comes in two sizes, 12 and 34 ounces (340 and 963 g), and is made of durable material, so it lasts you a long time. The heat-resistant glass keeps your hands safe and your coffee hot in the French press. And, it has a great filtration system to make your coffee strong and smooth.
  • Bodum Brazil French Press. This french press comes in three sizes (12 ounces/340  g, 34 ounces/963 g, and 51 ounces/1,445 g) and two colors (red and black). All you need to make the coffee is the press, not any filters or cups. And it is made out of strong, dishwasher-safe material.