Why Cant You Microwave Starbucks Cups?

You’d probably assume that because Starbucks cups hold burning hot liquids it’s safe to reheat Starbucks cups in the microwave, right?

Not so fast…

While these cups are very effective, it is worth noting that Starbucks cups say do not microwave.

In this post, we discuss the question of if it’s safe to microwave Starbucks cups…

Why cant you microwave Starbucks cups?

Starbucks cups feature a safety care label that says you should not microwave them.

Below are 5 reasons why you cannot microwave Starbucks cups;

1. Starbucks Cups Are Made From Material That Melts In The Microwave

The first and primary reasons why you cannot microwave Starbucks cups is because of their material. 

These cups are typically made of paper. Most people do not know this because the cups are waterproof.

The cups are coated with plastic to allow for the waterproof element. For this reason, Starbucks cups are not microwaveable.

When the plastic-coated paper is heated, it tends to fall apart as it burns and the plastic melts. This is also the primary reason why these cups are not recyclable.

2. Starbucks Cop May Contain Toxins

As mentioned in the section below, Starbucks cups are usually coated with plastic. 

The cups are also held together with wax or glue. Therefore, when the cups are heated, the plastic, wax or glue melts.

When this happens, the toxic materials leak into your drink. Taking the drink with these toxins could adversely affect your health.

This is if the cup does not crumble before you take it out of the microwave.

3. Impact on the taste

Supposing you manage to microwave your Starbucks coffee cup without the cup crumbling or getting destroyed, you will notice a weird taste. 

When the glue and other elements melt and seep into your coffee, they trigger a weird taste in your coffee.

Additionally, the upper part of the coffee that is not filled with coffee burns and alters the taste of the coffee or any other beverage in your cup.

4. Damage to your microwave

When the cup heats, the glue or wax melts, causing your cup to start leaking from the sides. 

This may impact your microwave, causing rusts or other significant issues. Microwaving your Starbucks cup can also trigger significant Hazards.

5. Potential fire hazards

There is also a significant chance that microwaving your Starbucks cup could catch on fire.

Remember that a microwave is an electric appliance. Therefore, a small fire inside this appliance could result in significant hazards and damages.

What’s the alternative for heating Starbucks Coffee?

There are many occasions when you may want to warm or reheat your coffee. 

In such situations, the better option would be to transfer your coffee into a microwave-friendly cup before you heat it.

You can also use a saucepan to heat it on a stove.

So, Is It Dangerous To Microwave Starbucks Coffee Cups?

The bottom line is that you should not microwave your coffee cup for any reason. Doing this is not safe. 

Note that if microwaving your coffee cup results in severe hazards, you cannot hold Starbucks responsible because they issue a warning against microwaving. 

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