Why Does My GE Oven Smell Like Burning Plastic?

I am now 38 years married with kids and I carried the same love through feeding my husband and kids.

I love watching my family eat better foods. No one makes tastier meals like a mother.

However, you may have done everything right, but your food has a rancid smell of plastic.

Do you know the reason for this?

This smell comes from your GE oven; before trying out the different procedures for cooking, first let me help you get rid of the burning rubber smell from your oven.

Why GE oven produces plastic burning smell and what to do

During the manufacturing process, manufacturers use protective chemicals to make ovens. With time these chemicals burn off, producing a burning chemical smell.

Usually, the new oven smell fades with time.

If you are experiencing the same irritating smell, consider burning-in your oven. Repeat the process until the smell fades.

Second reason is that the oven’s insulation has been exposed to high heat for the first number of times.

Turn on the fan in the ventilation hood and open nearby windows to regulate the amount of heat in the room.

Check the zip-ties that were used to secure inserts during transit and remove them before using your oven.

Otherwise, zip ties will start burning when the oven is heated and may produce a similar smell of burning plastic.

Use warm soapy water and a clean piece of cloth to clean inside the oven, then burn in according to the type of oven.

Plastic smell may be due to lose connection which heats the wiring and burns it. Before using your GE oven, ensure the heating element is connected along with other connections.

When you use strong chemicals to clean your GE oven, it produces a chemical smell. It is not advisable to clean your oven with harsh chemicals.

This can also pose a danger to your health as the chemicals can get into food and cause poisoning. Just use warm soapy water to clean your GE oven.

The oven could be malfunctioning due to bad wiring, which can melt the insulation on the wires. For this case, you should turn off the oven and call for the manufacture’s support.

They will send in someone to sort out the problem or ask you to replace the oven if need be.


Everyone wants to get home to good food and your appliances are a great factor you should pay attention to before cooking.