Is Rubbermaid Microwave Safe?

Food safety has been on the top of everyone mind due to the increase in awareness of health issues that we now know about from using the wrong materials in microwaves.

There has always been the concern that heating up plastic might cause cancer and hence it is very dangerous.

However, Rubbermaid containers are either made of glass or plastic that is very conducive for heating.

So let's find out how to safely use Rubbermaid in the microwave...

How can you safely use Rubbermaid containers in microwaving?

To answer the question is it safe to microwave Rubbermaid?

Then Yes, you can microwave your food in it and be safe.

Although the question is answered, you still have to know how to make the heating process safe for you.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when you are microwaving in these containers...

1. Limiting the heat used when microwaving

It is essential that you do not use extreme heat when you heating food in these containers. 

It is no doubt that it is safe to use these containers but it becomes a concern if you are using it in the right way.

First you need to know that too much heat is not friendly and in addition to this, Rubbermaid containers can only withstand temperatures of up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Exceeding these temperature will further lead to the container deforming.

Keep in mind that foods like soup and vegetables do not exceed this Temperature which will be a waste if you continue heating.

2. Vent the food before microwaving

It is not logical to heat food in the microwave while the container lid still on. In the case of Rubbermaid containers, they have a tight lid seal which help in keeping the food fresh. 

If you heat while the lid is still on, you might as well be looking for danger in your kitchen.

Heating with the lid on may result to high pressure inside the container hence risking it to snap and causing a blow.

3. Use heat resistant gloves in microwaving process

After the timer is out, make sure that you use a kitchen towel or gloves to remove the food. 

It is common knowledge that the container will have absorbed heat and therefore be a risk to you burning yourself.

Avoid getting serious burns by taking this into consideration.

4. Do not use the containers on a controversial oven or stove

A controversial stove or oven simply means one that has faults. It may cause the container to burn, melt or browning when heating. 

By so doing it may cause a huge lose to you as you will always be replacing the containers time and again.

5. Avoid additives when reheating

Additives like tomatoes, salt, oil or bacon fat may cause the container to stain up. 

It can be a gross thing thereafter when you want to use the container again.

Keep in mind to get a renewal of the container can be expensive since they are a different kind of plastic.

So is it safe to use Rubbermaid in the microwave?

Yes, it is safe to user Rubbermaid in the microwave and there are no dangers associated with it if you follow the guidelines for using it safely.

Due to the fear people have been having on using plastic on microwaves, most people have resulted in using paper plates and glass when microwaving. 

However it can be costly and really dangerous.

Rubbermaid containers are the solution to all this as it is safe to use. What you need to keep in mind is that you have to use the containers in a safe way. 

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