How To Thicken Alfredo Sauce (10 Simple Ways)

I have always loved Alfredo sauce with pasta or to marinade for chicken or beef.

If you love Alfredo sauce as much as I do, you must know how important it is to use a thick alfredo sauce.

I like my sauce thick, glossy, and luscious as a watery sauce does not cut it.

I have tried many methods and compiled some of the best ways to thicken my Alfredo sauce including with shredded cheese, heavy cream, egg yolks, and corn starch.

Top 10 Ways to Thicken Your Alfredo Sauce

  1. Shredded cheese
  2. Heavy Cream
  3. Corn-starch
  4. Flour
  5. Egg Yolks
  6. Vegetables
  7. Roux
  8. Butter
  9. Cream cheese
  10. Parmesan cheese

How To Thicken Alfredo Sauce

1. Shredded Cheese

You can use a top-quality pre-shredded cheese or one that you personally shredded.

Use a box grater or a food processor to shred your cheese.

2. Heavy Cream

In a saucepan, stir the simmering sauce while slowly adding small amounts of heavy cream and leave it to a simmer for a few minutes.

3. Corn-starch

In a bowl, whisk together a little corn-starch in cold water to make a smooth slurry.

Until you get your preferred thickness, whisk the slurry into the boiling sauce in a pan over low heat.

4. Flour

In a small bowl, mix a small amount of water and flour till it’s smooth.

While boiling the sauce in a pan, slowly whisk in the flour mixture.

5. Egg Yolks

Depending on the amount of your source, place two or three egg yolks in a small bowl and mix in small amounts of the hot sauce.

Continue adding more hot sauce while mixing till you get a uniform mixture.

6. Vegetables

As long as you don’t mind the taste of vegetables in your sauce, it can be a great way to thicken your Alfredo sauce.

You can puree some steamed or cooked vegetables such as cauliflower and pour them into the sauce.

7. Roux

Melt a small cube of butter in a pan, and then mix in an equivalent amount of flour.

Continue mixing the flour and butter till you get a smooth mixture.

In another saucepan, whisk the mixture into the boiling sauce to thicken.

8. Butter

Mix equal amounts of flour and butter in a bowl till you get an even paste.

Like thickening using a roux, whisk in the paste into the simmering sauce till you achieve the thickness you desire.

9. Cream Cheese

Whisk in cream cheese into the simmering sauce till the cheese is even.

10. Parmesan Cheese

Finally, you can add some freshly grated, high-quality Parmesan cheese to your sauce to thicken it.

FAQs About Alfredo Sauce

How do I fix runny Alfredo sauce?

You can thicken Alfredo sauce using several ways, including parmesan cheese and flour.

Will Alfredo sauce thickens as it cools?

Yes, a good-quality Alfredo sauce will thicken as it cools.

Why is my Alfredo sauce not thickening?

Your Alfredo sauce may not thicken if it is low-fat or if you forget to heat it in a pan or a pot.

How do you make a cream sauce thicker?

You can thicken the cream sauce in several different ways, including using flour slurry, roux and egg yolks.

How to make Alfredo sauce thicker with flour?

Whisk the flour in some water until smooth. Add the mixture into the simmering sauce and whisk to achieve uniform moisture.

Is Alfredo sauce supposed to be thick?

Yes, Alfredo sauce should be creamy and thick.

How to thicken Keto Alfredo sauce?

You can use cream cheese, heavy cream, flour or vegetables to thicken Alfredo sauce.

How to make thick Alfredo sauce?

There are a few ways to thicken your Alfredo sauce.

You can use shredded cheese, corn-starch, cream cheese, among others, to make your Alfredo sauce thick.

The Easiest Ways To Thicken Alfredo Sauce

These are some of the best ways to thicken your Alfredo sauce.

  • Shredded cheese
  • Heavy Cream
  • Corn-starch
  • Flour
  • Egg Yolks
  • Vegetables
  • Roux
  • Butter
  • Cream cheese
  • Parmesan cheese