How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Gates

Cast Iron grill gates are the most popular types of grills used in most homes.

Cast Iron grill gates can last for a long when they are cleaned and cared for adequately.

This implies that regular cleaning, greasing, and ongoing care and maintenance are great ways of keeping them in good shape.

I have used the cast iron grill gates for a long time, and the best practice is to clean them after every use.

Leaving stuck food and grease stuck on the surface will make it difficult to clean and create an environment that will favor bacterial growth that will lead to food poisoning.

Although the grill cannon be cleaned immediately after use, you allow some time for the grill to cool for a few minutes and then take your time to wipe down the grill grates with a brush or a paper towel to remove the food residue.

Follow these steps when cleaning your cast Iron Grill Gates

The first step is keeping your cast iron in a good place that is safe from possible rusting and interfering with poisoning agents.

This step aims to season the grill before using it for the first time.

Seasoning is done using oil or fat to help build up a tough coating and to create a surface that is nonstick.

This process is essential in ensuring the durability of your cast iron grill since the coating prevents it from rusting.

I want to caution you not to skip this process since some people will tend to argue that this is not an important step and will not add value to their grill.

Notably, this process determines how long your grill will last and if you follow these steps before jumping into watering and heating up your cast iron grill, be sure it will serve you long enough.

Seasoning should follow the following three steps


You should start with rinsing your cast iron grill grates in warm water to clean.

I will caution you not to use cold water and the only time you will use soap is when cleaning the cast iron.

Therefore, soap will apply when you plan to strip your cast iron of its seasoning completely.

You should not use soap that soap is highly effective in removing seasoning where oil is an essential part ingredient in seasoning.

After washing, it is time to dry the grates using a towel.


The nonstick capabilities of the cast oil are derived from the building up layers of oil.

To achieve this, you can use a paper towel.

Alternatively, you can use a natural bristle paintbrush that will help you apply cooking oil on the surface of the cast iron cooking grill gates.

Apply a thin layer of cooking oil, or do it in several coats, starting with the first seasoning to the second and third. In the future, after use, you will only need to apply a single layer of oil.


In this step, you will need to place the grill gates inside the grill and fire it up. Allow the temperature to react at 350 degrees F and let it heat for 40 minutes.

Finally, allow the grill gate to cool completely.

Seasoning is much simpler; the vital part is to season after use. It is recommended to season the grates after use.

How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates

Use of vinegar Deep cleanse

Vinegar soak is the most-trusted method of removing rust from your cast iron grill grates.

The method is a great way of your casual cleaning and it is mainly used for annual deep cleaning.

Alternatively, you can use a baking soda that will break apart the food particles or stripping off any rust on the surface.

Soak your grill overnight in the mixture of distilled white vinegar, then remove and rinse it thoroughly.

Use steel wool soap

You can steel wool and soap to remove rust from your cast iron grill grates.

You can do this by scrubbing the grill gates using steel and soap until you remove all the rust completely.

Although this method can remove the seasoning from your grates, it is necessary depending on the level of rust on your grates.

Cleaning Cast Iron Grill Gates

The first step in washing your cast iron grill grates is by removing the food particles or stick immediately after use.

Keeping your food grill in a safe place after use to prevent possible rust and consequent food poisoning.

This step is meant to facilitate seasoning.

Seasoning involves three steps wash, oil and heating.

Washing should be done using warm water, but you should not use soap.

Oil your iron cast grill grates to make them non-sticker.

The heating step is to ensure the seasoning is complete.

Cleaning the cast iron grill grates using a vinegar deep cleanse to remove rust.

Steel wool and soap are used to remove rust from the cast iron grates through scrubbing.