Can You Take Instant Pot on a Plane?

Instant pots are a life-saver in the kitchen; they make cooking much faster and save you the expense of frequently eating out. However, most people are paranoid about flying with their pots on vacations or business trips. Can you take an instant pot on a plane, or should you leave it at home?

You can take an instant pot on a plane. TSA permits traveling with pressure cookers, including instant pots. They are allowed in carry-on bags as well as checked baggage. However, expect an extensive screening procedure at the customs since pressure cookers are deemed a security threat.

Come along with me as I take you through some tips and advice for safe traveling with your IP.

How To Take an Instant Pot on a Plane

Since pressure cookers have been used as weapons of destruction in numerous terrorist attacks worldwide, it is pretty understandable that they cause a stir among security officers at airports.

Consider taking the following precautions to reduce the chances of running into problems that might eventually delay your flight:

  1. Check with the airline first.
  2. Package your instant pot properly.
  3. Ship the instant pot as a parcel.

Below I will discuss each of these tips in detail.

1. Check With the Airline First

Even though the TSA allows boarding with an instant pot, certain airlines’ regulations do not. To be on the safe side, it would be wise that you confirm the travel guidelines by contacting or researching the airline you’ll be using.

It is also essential to verify whether the pot will fit in the luggage compartments above or beneath the seats. This will help you figure out whether to pack it in a carry-on bag or check it to be transported as cargo before boarding.

You should also confirm with the airline on matters of size and weight, among other restrictions.

2. Package Your Instant Pot Properly

How you package your instant pot also matters when it comes to safe and efficient travel. For instance, it is recommended that you don’t travel with the pot sealed shut. An open pot is pretty harmless. Therefore, disassemble it before packing. In fact, the rule of thumb is that you carry the lid in a separate bag to avoid issues with the customs.

Consider How You’ll Transport the Instant Pot

Also, entertain the thought of transporting it as a checked-in cargo rather than a carry-on. Most instant pots are pretty heavy, and it’s not like you’ll use them during the flight, right? 

Ensure that you don’t pack the pot with the essentials you’ll need right after you land. The odds are that the security personnel will detain your luggage for a while for 

them to verify its safety. Thus, consider packing your necessities in a different suitcase.

Package the Instant Pot Securely

Whether you carry your instant pot in a carry-on bag, or check it in, ensure you pack it securely to prevent it from getting damaged. 

Whereas you cannot guarantee its safety as checked-in luggage (since you won’t be in control), consider carrying it in a travel bag that’s designed purposefully for that. You can find these bags in retail shops. They come in different sizes to securely ensure that the pot is tucked in.

If you don’t have one already, consider buying this HOMEST Pressure Cooker Travel Tote Bag from It is sufficiently insulated and has storage pockets for instant pot accessories like spoons, a steam rack, and a measuring cup. It is also effortless to clean.

3. Ship the Instant Pot as a Parcel

Another safe method of transporting your instant pot is by mailing it to your destination before the travel date. You can send it and ask your hosts (for example, the hotel or Airbnb you’ll be staying in) to keep it for you until you arrive.

Use Safe Packing Practices To Protect Your Instant Pot

You’ll need to take special care when packing the pot, be it for shipping or checking in. I’d suggest that you swaddle it in bubble wrap and some fabric. Pay utmost attention to the lid. Ensure the gauge is safeguarded from any unexpected breakage. 

Consider labeling the luggage “delicate” to caution anyone handling it in your absence.

Consider Investing in Another Instant Pot

Another not-so-popular opinion is purchasing a new one at your destination. You can then resell or gift it to someone when you’re about to return home. 

I know that instant pots don’t come for cheap, but if you really desire to have it at your destination and consequently don’t want to go through travel complications, this might be an option. But only if you have the money for it!