How Long Does It Take For A New Fridge Freezer To Get Cold?

A fridge requires some time to get cold before it’s suitable to use.

However, it’s often challenging to approximate the specific amount of time a fridge should take for this process.

So, lets look at the amount of time it takes for a new fridge to get cold…

Factors Affecting the Time A Fridge Freezer Takes to Get Cold

On average, a new fridge should take between 30 minutes and one hour to get cold. And a freezer 12-24 hours. 

It is because the compressor kicks in when you plug the refrigerator to a power outlet.

It’s the component responsible for producing the buzzing sound in fridges.

Don’t put food in your new fridge till it’s 100% cold enough.

A few factors that come into play include:-

The Size and Make of the Fridge

You might notice that a fridge with a large surface area also takes relatively longer to cool.

Various other factors such as the fridge brand, its components come into play.

A fridge with compromised components is likely to be inefficient and might take longer to get cold.


There are some fridge units and brands that might require more time to get cold.

Usually, these brands are cheap or have some form of damage.

However, the difference often averages in minutes.

The compartments in the fridge should get to about 40 degrees, and the freezer 5 degrees.

It’s the perfect temperature for storing food or meals.

The Fridge Storage Method

Transporting a fridge is a delicate process that requires care and attention.

Placing your fridge in an unusual position might compromise its cooling ability.

A refrigerator should always sit upright, regardless of whether you are moving or not.

If it sits in an unusual position, ensure you let it sit unused before plugging it into a power source.

Below are conditions that provide more information on the specific scenarios and what to expect for your fridge.

However, there are some things you can do to improve the cooling process:

  • Place the fridge in an isolated space – placing your fridge in a cool and dry place increases its ability to become cool faster.
  • Avoid placing items in the fridge while it’s new – doing this will help provide sufficient surface area for the cooling effect to spread.
  • Never tilt the fridge – ensure your fridge always sits upright and in a place that is free from traffic, such as kids.

So How Long Till My Fridge Freezer Is Cold Enough To Use?

Between 30 minutes to 1 hour for most fridges and 12-24hrs for most freezers to freeze.

The time it takes for your new fridge to get cold is essential as it helps estimate how long it can preserve food.

When you have guests over or want to keep medication for the kids, you need a refrigerator with predictable functions.

The time it takes for your fridge to get cold also depends on various factors.

So, learn about these factors before you invest in a new fridge for your home.