How To Microwave Frozen Pizza

Usually, a microwave is not used for cooking pizza, but you can use it for preparing your frozen pizza if you do it right.

I like using my microwave to prepare frozen pizza because it is easy and takes few minutes to heat when I want fast food.

I started to develop frozen pizza cravings when my neighbour invited me over and let me sample her frozen micro pizza, and it was as good as any other! So…

If you are still questioning if you can prepare your frozen pizza using a microwave, it is possible, but the crust won’t be as crisp as a pizza baked using an oven.

I will take you through the process of microwaving your frozen pizza in this guide.

The frozen pizza

There are different shapes, sizes, and variations of frozen pizza (have you ever tried microwaving it?). Also, there are many pizza crust options that you can have. They include;

  • Chicago style pizza
  • Stuffed crust pizza
  • Thin crust pizza
  • Brick oven pizza
  • Pan crust pizza
  • Cauliflower crust pizza
  • Gluten-free crust pizza
  • Self-rising crust

Guidelines for making frozen pizza in the microwave

Here are some steps to making your frozen pizza. After that, you can use your microwave for preparing your frozen pizza.

  • 1. Have your ingredients ready. Choose your favourite toppings and the crust that you prefer for your pizza.

  • 2. Mix up the pizza dough, or you can either get it from the stores.

  • 3. At room temperature, let your dough relax.

  • 4. You can roll out your dough into your preferred shape or size.

  • 5. Par bake your dough. This process helps to prevent it from getting soggy or get flat while in the freezer. Usually, the frozen pizzas from the stores have undergone the same process.

  • 6. Par bake by baking it for 3- 5 minutes. Ensure that your dough is dry and puffy on the upper part and is pale in colour.

  • 7. You can now add your cheese, toppings, and sauce to the crust of your pizza (once your pizza is cooked you can eat it cold later). You may opt to add the toppings later and freeze the crust.

  • 8. Pre freeze the pizza on the baking pan uncovered for around 3 hours.

  • 9. Using a plastic bag, wrap the pizza and then add a layer of aluminium foil.

Microwaving frozen pizza

I thought it wise to provide you with a quick informational guide for the pizza and then provide the approximate microwave time.

Before you begin, there are basic things you should practice to improve the overall result and have a safe cooking process.

You will avoid accidents when you do the following:

  • Follow the cooking steps for the frozen pizza
  • Don’t use metallic objects or aluminum foil in the microwave
  • Obey the manufactures recommendations for the microwave
  • Use a microwave crisper pan to have a golden brown crunchy crust

Never use a pizza stone in the microwave because it won’t work.

How Long To Cook Frozen Pizza In The Microwave For

Here are the recommended cooking times for microwaving your frozen pizza, assuming you use an average of 1100 wattage or a higher setting.

  • Pizza slice – 1 -2 minutes
  • Small pizza pack – 3 -5 minutes
  • 8 -9 inch pizza – 4-6 minutes
  • 10 -11 inch pizza 5- 7minutes
  • French bread pizza – 7 -8 minutes
  • 11 – 12 inch pizza – 7- 11 minutes