How Long Before Putting Food In New Fridge?

Oh I adore cooking, but I don’t like trying to fix appliances and kitchen gadgets quite so much.

Though over the years, I have had to learn many procedures on installing kitchen appliances and equipment, with the most recent one being a refrigerator.

I had no idea whether you could instantly put your food into a brand new installed fridge or you had to wait a few hours for it to reach a certain temperature or for it to start working.

The instruction manual gave no insight either so I decided to investigate and here’s what I’ve discovered…

How Long Should You Wait Before Adding Food to Your New Refrigerator?

You acquired a new fridge, amazing! Are you about to use the fridge immediately after installing it? Hold up! Take it easy…

You could evade the risk of damaging your new refrigerator and incurring unnecessary expenses to repair it, most significantly if it is not on warranty.

And your food might go bad in the process! So…

I understand that you are so enthusiastic about putting the new fridge into use, but it won’t hurt to wait a little bit. You see…

A refrigerator can be quite sensitive, the reason you should wait for some time before putting food in your new fridge varies depending on the brand of the fridge that you just bought.

Usually, there are no tough rules regarding the waiting duration.

However, time calculations largely depend on some factors, including the fridge size, location and temperature.

Kitchen equipment specialists Currys recommend that it is best to wait for at most 24 hours and at least 2 hours before adding food items to the new fridge.

This recommendation mostly depends on the refrigerator brands.

Besides, since you require the fridge to reach its optimum functionality, the duration helps it attain internal temperature, create ice, and form properly cooled water.

Why is the Duration Significant?

It is also important that you consider other factors why you should wait before using the new fridge.

Among these aspects is how the equipment was delivered to your place. The refrigerator has an in-built piping system that facilitates the transmission of lubricants for it to operate properly.

Since you may or may not notice whether your fridge was transported while on its side or upright, it is appropriate to allow the pipes to settle down for some time. Performing this action guarantees you an extended refrigerator life.

Subsequently, if you put the fridge to use right away, it would not have attained its internal temperature; hence the parts with less lubricant wear off fast, thus reduce the refrigerator’s lifespan.

Putting the equipment under massive pressure is avoidable. Therefore, waiting for the fridge to attain the required functionality would probably save you some costs.

How Long Does A Fridge Take To Get Cold?

Most fridge brands will take at least 4hrs after plugging in and turning on to get cool however that doesn’t mean they are at optimal temperature to use, they can take 24hrs to fully reach ideal temperature.

So, Can I Add Food To My Fridge Straight Away?

No, it’s not usually recommended by most of the manufacturers to add food to your refrigerator straight away.

They typically state you should wait anywhere from 2hrs to 24hrs before using your newly installed fridge or adding food to it so it can reach optimal temperature and has a chance to function fully.

You should also remember to check the fridge’s position when it is being delivered to you.

Besides, ensure it is upright and be patient enough before switching it on and adding your edibles to the new refrigerator.

Lastly, do not forget to clean your new kitchen appliance thoroughly before adding food items.

By following these initial instructions you’ll not only keep the food you add into it fresh but secure many years of fantastic service from the new refrigerator!