Do I Need an Extractor Fan in the Kitchen?

Renovating an old kitchen or installing a new kitchen can be incredibly expensive. As such it’s no surprise you may look to cut out unnecessary fixtures and fittings where possible.

One of these appliances that often comes up for debate is an extractor fan, these appliances often cost around £200 ($250) with an additional installation cost of between £200 and £800 ($250 and $1,000) depending on your current set-up.

While extractor fans aren’t required in a kitchen for building regulations it is recommended you install one. That’s because extractor fans remove smells and moisture from the room. If untreated this moisture can sit on appliances, building up over time causing damage and even resulting in a fire.

Understanding how an extractor fan works and how it’s able to benefit the longevity and safety of your other kitchen appliances and kitchen as a whole is key when choosing how much to invest and where to install an extractor fan in your new kitchen.

What Is an Extractor Fan?

An extractor fan is a type of ceiling-mounted ventilation appliance that creates negative pressure. It is often used in order to remove unwanted smells, odours, and moisture from a room.

The device draws air through ducting into the fan, which then pushes it out through another duct. This action creates negative pressure inside the room it is installed in.

The fan draws air in through any cracks or gaps between doors and windows and other fittings, helping prevent these spaces from becoming stuffy when you haven’t switched on the fan.

Extractor fans are most commonly used in the kitchen or bathroom, as these are both places where odours can build up due to cooking or bathing, respectively.

This makes them ideal locations for an extraction system since they’re likely to have strong smells entering them regularly.

You need to cover your kitchen extractor with medium-pitched roof tiles with no valley gutters such as those found on many modern houses. Otherwise, rainwater will collect inside them during rainy weather.

What Does An Extractor Fan Do?

An extractor fan sucks the air out of a room, removing odours and other pollutants.

This keeps your kitchen clean and healthy to work in and extends the life of your appliances by reducing the amount of grease build-up on them.

It will also help you keep your surfaces clean, so cutlery doesn’t get covered with grease while cooking. The cleaner these surfaces stay, the easier they are to clean after use. 

Are Extractor Fans Necessary In The Kitchen?

An extractor fan is not necessary if you have a working window in your kitchen. However, your window might not pull all the air out, depending on the amount of cooking you do there.

If your kitchen is still stuffy and greasy after opening your window, it’s time to get an extractor fan. 

You can use the extractor fan to force air out of your home, which helps to prevent dust and other allergens from entering the room.

Positive pressure works opposite from an extractor fan. It sucks air into your home instead of forcing it out. 

This can lead to odour problems if not kept under control and may also cause condensation on windows or walls due to excess humidity being drawn into the house by the system’s internal fans.

Benefits To An Extractor Fan

There are a number of benefits to installing an extractor fan in your new kitchen;

Better Ventilation

An extractor fan helps remove smoke, cooking fumes, and moisture from your kitchen, giving it better air circulation. 

Considering how stuffy and uncomfortable those fumes can make your space, it’s best to get yourself a quality extractor fan. 

No Moisture Build-Up

When you cook, moisture builds up in your kitchen. This moisture can cause mould, mildew, and breeding areas for bacteria.

Such moisture can be a health hazard in your kitchen because it can cause food poisoning. This type of damage can also make your walls unsightly. 

However, with an extractor fan constantly pulling the moisture out of your kitchen, the space becomes more habitable. 

Fewer Bugs

Bugs such as cockroaches and spiders can find their way into your home, and kitchens make for excellent breeding areas.

The warmth and food particles on your surfaces create conducive breeding spots. Such bugs are unhygienic and can be hazardous to you and your family. 

Fortunately, an extractor fan can help you fix this bug problem. As the fan blows air out of the kitchen, it also blows out the bugs.

Furthermore, it leaves your kitchen cleaner and minimizes the risk of creating breeding spots for the bugs. 

Protection For Paint & Wallpaper

The paint and wallpaper on your kitchen walls have a better chance of durability if you use an extractor fan.

The fan will remove the debris and steam from the surfaces, which would otherwise cause faster wear and tear. 

Besides, the fan will also leave your walls looking cleaner.