Can You Put Crockpot In A Microwave?

Are you wondering if you can put your slow cooker in a microwave? You are definitely not alone. Many Crockpot users are asking the same question. Here we discuss how to put your slow cooker in a microwave without damaging it. 

If you constantly cook with a Crockpot, you surely know that cooking with a slow cooker has many benefits. With a Crockpot, your meat tastes nicer, it saves water, and you can never get your food burnt. Even if you’ve got things to do or places to go, you can set your food on a slow cooker and return to see it done.

However cooking with a slow cooker takes time, and if you run out of patience or your already cooked food gets cold can you put the cooker in the microwave?

Can You Put A Crockpot In The Microwave?

The simple answer is yes, you can put a Crockpot in the microwave, but that is if your Crockpot is detachable. If your Crockpot is not detachable from the heating unit then you cannot put it in a microwave.

However, a Crockpot is designed to cook food slowly while the microwave heats rapidly. So, even if the slow cooker is detachable is it safe to put it in the microwave?

Is It Safe To Put A Crockpot In The Microwave?

Every slow cooker comes with a manual. Therefore, it would be best if you checked the manufacturer’s manual for the safety of microwaving your Crockpot before you put it in the microwave. However, the specification of most slow cookers indicates that they can be put in a freezer, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher.

Most slow cookers can be safely used at any temperature below 400oF (204oC). That means the microwave temperature is safe enough. But as stated earlier, do not assume, check the instruction manual for confirmation.

But you shouldn’t worry only about the safety of the Crockpot. When talking about safety, you think about the safety of your food, of the slow cooker, and of the microwave itself.

Will Microwave Damage the Crockpot?

If the Crockpot manual says that it is safe to be put in a microwave, then there is nothing to worry about. The microwave will not damage your Crockpot. But you must also check the maximum temperature of the microwave as slow cookers have a maximum temperature they can withstand.

Will Microwave Damage the Food in a Crockpot?

There is no chance for that. As long as your Crockpot remains in a good condition, then the food inside is perfectly safe. However, if there is any form of damage to the pot, then it is advisable to regard the food inside also as being spoilt.

Will Crockpot Damage a Microwave?

You cannot put a slow cooker with its metallic heating unit in a microwave. You can also not put an oversize Crockpot in a microwave. But if the Crockpot fits perfectly and it doesn’t break while inside the microwave, then it cannot damage a microwave.

The only way a slow cooker can damage your microwave is if it breaks inside it. But if your slow cooker is satisfied to be microwave-safe, then you don’t have to worry about it breaking. 

What Part of the Crockpot Can Go in The Microwave?

You certainly can’t put the entire Crockpot in the microwave. The slow cooker is usually made with ceramics, while it uses a metal element for heating. In some slow cookers, this heating part is detachable but in some, it is not. 

You can’t put the heating part of the slow cooker in the microwave, but if your cooker is detachable and you detach the cooker from the heating unit, then you can put the ceramics unit into the microwave. Even at that, you must remove the lid which is usually made of plastic.

Putting your Crockpot into the microwave with its lid may damage the lid. You can replace the lid with another cover made from a material that can withstand the temperature of the microwave.

However, you must check that your slow cooker’s size fits the microwave space.

What Material Should My Slow Cooker be Made to Be Microwave Safe?

The most important condition here is that the cooker must be made of a material that can withstand microwave temperature. If the Crockpot is made of metal or ceramics, then it is fine. But if not, then it might not be safe for a microwave.

But the most important thing is to check the manufacturer’s instructions. If the material can withstand the microwave’s heat, the manufacturer will certify it fit for the microwave. If not, it will also be stated in the instruction manual.

How to Safely Put a Crockpot in a Microwave

As stated earlier, first check and confirm that your slow cooker is microwave-safe and that it can fit perfectly into your microwave. Also, confirm that your microwave temperature does not exceed 400°F. After you have confirmed that, detach it from the heating unit.

You must also remove the lid as this will not be microwave-safe. Then replace the lid with another pot cover that is made with metal or any other material that is safe for the microwave.

If your Crockpot is made of ceramics it may be necessary to first preheat it before putting it in the microwave. Ceramics usually crack if heated from a cold temperature directly to a hot temperature.

However, if you are not sure of the best way to microwave your food inside a slow cooker, then transfer the food into another container you have been using in the microwave and that will save you a lot of uncertainty.