3 Best Ramen Bowl Sets (Authentic, Beautiful, Stylish)

The Best Ramen Bowls

Before I tell you what the best ramen bowl available on the market today is let me share a story with you...

I was on my first and only trip to Tokyo back in 2016 when I discovered my love for Ramen and all it's weird and wonderful variants like 'Somen' which is ice cold ramen noodles and definitely my least favourite (though I had no idea that was what I'd ordered as I had to order it from a vending machine and it was all in Japanese) for the first time.

It's also where I learned how beautiful ramen bowls could be too. Some are so aesthetically pleasing to the eye in shape or design that they could be works of art.

This is why if you're a serious ramen lover then you will need an authentic ramen bowl to serve up your favorite dish in.

However, believe it or not there are so many different shapes, types and styles of ramen bowls available so I'll help you choose the right one for you below...


If you are looking for the perfect ramen bowls, then you are in luck.

The Kimi Cuisine Ramen Bowl 2 set offers a unique asian traditional design, in a set that includes 2 ramen bowls, chopsticks and a ladle (spoon) for enjoying the broth once you’re done!

With this set, you will have everything you need to serve up traditional and tasty ramen noodles time and time again.

These ramen bowls are made of extra durable melamine that is completely dishwasher safe and long lasting.

Not only this, the melamine material is also highly lightweight.

So that you can fill it with more noodles without compromising the weight!

At just the right size, these large ramen bowls have a capacity of 37 oz, which is great for not only serving up ramen.

But also other asian dishes such as soups, or rice (check the best pots to cook rice in).

In a sleek, stunning shape and design, you can also purchase these ramen bowls in either chic black or bright white. 

For a bowl that is specifically designed to make your ramen dishes even more enjoyable, you will want to try these melamine ramen bowls!


  • Comes in 2 colors allowing you to match with your kitchen design.

  • Includes chopsticks and spoon so no need to order separately.

  • Dishwasher safe which many Ramen bowls are not (neither are many blenders dishwasher safe).

  • Traditional shape and design so it looks authentic.

  • 37 oz volume which is a perfect Ramen size.

  • 9 inch diameter which is wide like traditional Ramen bowl.

  • Durable material melamine.

  • Lightweight.

  • 100% money back guarantee



If you would prefer a ramen bowl that is a little more stylish and traditional, then you will want to try the Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup Bowl from NJCharms.

These bowls come in a pair, and include chopsticks and spoons for ramen!

These ramen bowls are extra deep and large for bigger ramen lovers, with a 60 oz capacity for generous portions.

With a wide capacity and shape, your ramen toppings will sit securely and neatly in the bowl without the risk of spilling!

Made from thick, durable and restaurant grade ceramic material, these ramen bowls are long lasting and dishwasher safe.

With a stunning black design to make your ramen bowls stand out, you could also purchase these ramen bowls in blue or red.

With these ramen bowls, you will feel like you are dining at a fancy ramen restaurant.


  • Japanese traditional shape for authenticity.

  • Durably made for a quality, long lasting, product.

  • Dishwasher safe which is good as many Ramen bowls are hand wash only.

  • Microwave safe which is not common.

  • Large capacity of 60 oz if you want a bigger portion of Ramen.

  • Comes in three colors for matching to your existing kitchen decor.

  • Includes chopsticks and spoons so no need to buy separately. 


  • Very large, hard to store conveniently. 


If you need something smaller, and more compact for serving up your favorite dish, then the Vallenwood Noodle Bowl will be just right for you.

These bowls come in a pack of four, and have a capacity of 32 oz, with chopsticks, stands  and spoons included for a complete dinnerware set. 

The traditional shape and size is perfect for serving up ramen, and is both dishwasher safe and shatter proof!

You can also purchase these ramen bowls in black, red or gray white for the right style for your tastes.

These ramen bowls are also made of melamine for long lasting use and a durable build.

With these ramen bowls, the shape is intended to keep the ramen hot up until you reach the last spoonful!


  • Made from melamine.

  • Dishwasher safe which saves washing by hand.

  • 32 oz capacity so a good, regular, size.

  • Made for ramen specifically so they look traditional and authentic.

  • Spoons, rests and chopsticks included which is a bonus.

  • Sturdy and long lasting.

  • Comes in three colors so match with your other kitchen items.

  • 4 set so you have a bowl for the whole family. 



If you are looking for very deep ramen bowls, then you will want to try out the Kook Japanese Noodle Bowls.

These ramen bowls come in a set of four, in a solid black design with a red interior. 

With a 34 oz capacity, you can fill these ramen bowls with a traditional serving of ramen noodles, and hold them with ease.

These bowls are also very deep if you wish to fill with much larger servings of ramen.

These ramen bowls feature a classy matte black design that will really enhance the dinner table for a very distinct look.

What is even better is that these ramen bowls are ceramic, dishwasher safe and FDA approved for a durable and long lasting design.


  • 34 oz capacity
  • Deep bowls
  • 4 pack
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ceramic
  • Durable
  • 9 inch diameter


  • Heavy bowls
  • Only available in one color


Sometimes, you may just want a small bowl of ramen as a snack or just to tie you over until dinner.

If this is the case, then you will want just a little bowl that is perfect for serving up ramen noodles. We have the bowls for you!

The Koov Porcelain Bowls and Spoons Set are just 26 oz for a smaller portion of ramen whenever you want it.

They are also dishwasher and microwave safe for easy preparation or clean up time!

These small ramen bowls also come in stunning designs in either blue galaxy or grey, with a stunning painted effect.

The impressive design is made to prevent your ramen spoon from falling into the broth, and also features holes to keep your chopsticks safe!

For beautiful, aesthetically pleasing ramen bowls that are also fit for serving up smaller portions, you will want to try out the Koov bowls.


  • 26 oz capacity
  • Stunning design
  • Porcelain
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • 7.5 inches wide
  • Includes chopsticks and spoons


  • Smaller design, only for small portions
  • Chopsticks are slippery and hard to use

Best Ramen Bowls Buying Guide

What to look for in Japanese ramen noodle bowls

When purchasing the best ramen bowls for your noodles, you will want to consider a few things before you buy.

Ramen bowls should be filled with the food just up to 70% full, leaving a gap for you to use your chopsticks and get at the ramen.

In addition, this means that no broth will spill out over the sides, too. 

Many ramen bowls may even come with their own utensils such as chopsticks or spoons for enjoying ramen specifically.

This is really handy as you will have a stylish and functional set that will look great on the dinner table when you serve up some ramen noodles. 

With this in mind, you will need ramen bowls that are big enough to serve up the dish beautifully, and without losing any of the meal.

Ramen bowls often have a large diameter so that the toppings are not pushed together or mixed up, and it also lets the hot broth cool before eating. 

When purchasing ramen bowls, you will need to ensure that they are fit for purpose and function, but also nice and stylish to fit into your kitchen decor.

There are many different colors and styles to choose from, and with lots of different shape and size options.

Different types of ramen bowls

Ramen bowls come in all different shapes and sizes, so it is important that you find one that you like, is aesthetically pleasing and will serve up your favorite ramen dish just the way you like it. 

The most common and popular shapes include the tayoudon ramen bowl.

This translates into multi purpose bowl, which is most commonly used in restaurants because it is perfect for serving up soups, broths, noodles and rice. These shaped bowls are great for serving up ramen! 

In addition, there are menbachi bowls which literally means noodle bowl. This bowl is large and deep, and perfect for serving up ramen.

The large openness of the bowl lets you serve up ramen in a traditional manner. 

You can also get fan shaped bowls that are user friendly, stylish and perfect for stacking.

These bowls are called ohgigatadon bowls, and are great for ramen, but you will not be able to fill them as much as other bowls. 

In addition, traditional Japanese ramen is meant to be around 34 oz, so look for a bowl that has a capacity capable of this or even a little more for those larger portions!

Consider a Japanese ramen bowl set

Instead of just buying a single ramen bowl consider buying a set of Japanese ramen bowls so you have matching and multiple items which is handy when guests visit or you're having a dinner for 2 or more, the Japanese would certainly never eat together with mismatched bowls as tradition would forbid it.

Many of the top picks in this post come as Japanese ramen bowl sets (see also Japanese cookware sets) anyway

Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Perfect Way To Eat Ramen?

Ramen is typically served in a ramen bowl that is shaped to fit the perfect amount of noodles and vegetables for a delicious meal.

This is because the Japanese believe that there is a perfect way to serve up ramen.

They believe that the ramen should only fill about 70% of the bowl rather than fill up the whole thing and risk spilling over the sides.

Do I need a ramen bowl?

Ramen noodles are best served up in a specific ramen bowl because they are deep enough for the broth to envelop the noodles and saturate the ingredients with flavor. 

You can also present the meal beautifully, placing the meat on the top, and adding a little garnish to decorate the top of the noodles. 

Ramen noodles are meant to be eaten with chopsticks, and so you will need a bowl specifically for ramen in order to eat the meal traditionally.

If the bowl is the wrong size or angled too high, then you will not be able to use your chopsticks properly.

In addition, eating ramen out of a bowl that is too small or is not spread open enough will cause all of the ingredients to sit too close together and on top of each other, or even cause the broth to overflow and spill out.

Most ramen bowls will also come with a special spoon that is specifically intended for slurping up the leftover broth once you have enjoyed the contents of the ramen bowl. 

Is a Japanese noodle bowl the same as a Japanese ramen bowl?

Yes, a Japanese noodle bowl is exactly the same as a Japanese ramen bowl as the two are interchangeable terms. 

Ramen simply means "quick cooking noodles" in Japanese and it's usually served in a broth with meat and vegetables. 

So a Japanese ramen bowl and a Japanese noodle bowl are the same, yes.

What size of Japanese ramen bowl do I need?

Ramen bowls come in all different shapes and sizes, to give you only the best ramen eating experience. 

There are many various components that will determine if the bowl is good or not. These could be the shape, curvature, weight and size. 

There is no specific size that you need because it depends on the type of ramen you are eating, and how much you are serving up.

However, it is best to keep in mind that you want a ramen bowl that will be big enough to fit all of the noodles, fillings and toppings without spilling over the edges or being too heavy to hold. 

Most ramen bowls will be from 7.5 inches to 9 inches in diameter.

The 7.5 inch ramen bowls can fit a smaller serving size of instant ramen noodles and just a few toppings, whereas the 8 inch ramen bowls are typically the most popular size used in restaurants. 

For a more filling meal with lots of toppings and vegetables, then you can go for the 9 inch ramen bowl. 

Should I buy a Japanese ramen bowl set or just an individual bowl?

If you want to be authentically Japanese a ramen bowl set is a must because the Japanese would never eat with friends or family using mismatched crockery items or ramen bowls, everything must be identical and uniform from the bowls to the spoons and chopsticks to the food in the bowl.

So yes, buy a ramen bowl set for the authentic Japanese experience as it's an essential piece of Asian kitchenware.