3 Best Air Fryers With Rotisserie (Healthy, Fast, Tasty)

Best Air Fryer with Rotisserie

Health and fitness should always take priority, but it’s hard to put our wellbeing first when we’re bombarded left, right, and center with delicious deep-fried snacks.

We all know that these types of foods are brimming with fat and empty calories, but still, we can’t keep away.

They’re just so darn tasty so wouldn't it be awesome if there was a way to eat healthier version of them?

Enter the air fryer. Air fryers are a fantastic way to enjoy all your favorite foods without paying as much of a health toll.

Rather than saturating your dinner in artery-clogging oils, they use hot air to make those meals crispy, golden and delicious.

The only problem with them has been that they’re quite limited in what they can cook, until recently anyway...

One fantastic addition to the design is a rotisserie function enabling you to skewer all your favorite veggies and cuts of meat.

But what is the best Air Fryer with Rotisserie? 

Based on all of my research my conclusion is that these are the top 3 air fryer with rotisserie choices...


Our Emrille Lagasse champion chicken spinner comes in the form of this very attractive microwave-style air fryer capable of a multitude of culinary tasks.

Trade in your toaster, omit your oven, bin your barbecue...this thing does it all.

At the very core of the magic that is the Power Air Fryer are five heating elements, two more than your average convection oven carries.

They bump the price up a little, but they speed up the cooking process by 40% and distribute heat evenly for a perfect golden crunch.

For a machine that does so much, you’d expect it to be fairly complex to use, but it’s actually quite the opposite.

Each of the applications is preconfigured and accessed by a simple turn of the righter-most dial, and displayed on an LCD screen.

Fine-tuning can be done with the temperature and time knobs to the left, with more options in the form of buttons under the preset dial.

The Power Air Fryer also has a much bigger capacity than traditional air fryers. 

The 930 cubic inch interior has space enough for spit roasting a whole chicken, two medium-sized pizzas, or to toast up to six slices of bread at once.

The air fryer function can be a little slow when compared to other smaller products, but for the versatility, we can put up with a slightly longer cook.

Coming with two steel trays, a grill, rotisseries skewer, and a basket, this thing is a veritable tornado of tasty proportions.


  • Large capacity when compared with original air fryers

  • LCD screen and intuitive knobs make it very user friendly

  • Has 12 presets including slow cook, dehydration, and toast

  • Smart stainless steel construction

  • Five heating elements

  • Comes with all the accessories you need

  • Comes with a recipe book with a few ideas to help you get started


  • Air fry function is a little slower than you’d like


Coming in at number two we have an air fryer with similar stainless steel construction to our first pick, but the Corsori CO130 is a little bit smaller.

If you like the general idea of our first pick, but you have limited space, this one might just hit the spot.

Despite the limited capacity, there’s still room enough to cook a couple of 13-inch pizzas using the included trays.

Or perhaps a whole 5lbs chicken or pork shoulder on the rotisserie bar.

It’s described as having a non-stick interior, but we still recommend using some sort of drip tray because it can be a pain to clean.

A lot of the CO130’s design is fundamentally similar to the Power Air Fryer.

It uses the five heating elements for precise and speedy cooking and has 12 presets that run from simply warming cold food up, through to full-on air blasting.

One thing that can be irritating about air fryers is the noise of the convection fan, but the CO130 is a quiet design for nice, calm households.

It’s not totally silent, but it’s good that Corsori has put thought into volume.

No babies or children will be woken. Snack on people!


  • Low volume unless pushed to its limits
  • Small yet spacious
  • 12 presets including toasting, fermenting, baking, and of course rotisserie
  • Nice and easy to use
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Great selection of included accessories
  • Recipe book included with purchase


  • Hard to clean


We’ve gone smaller still for our third pick with this GoWise 10 ½” x 7 ½” x 9 ½” air fryer

But you can get a 14 qt model if that doesn’t sound big enough for yours or your family’s appetites.

It’s also more of a traditional air fryer shape.

So if you’re not into the microwave style fryers, this should interest you.

GoWise has kitted this little machine out with 16 presets, making cooking your favorite foods easier than ever.

Included in the box are ten accessories, five of which are geared towards the rotisserie function.

Particular favorites of ours include the kebab skewer wheel and rotisserie cages.

Shortcomings include a singular (but powerful) heating element, so heat distribution may not be quite as even

But using the cage to cook small bites like chicken fingers or chips should shuffle them around adequately for an equal cook.

Another thing to be aware of is that the fan blows from the base, so whatever's on the lowest shelf needs to be sparse enough not to completely divert the airflow.

All in all, however, this is a great little air fryer, and thanks to the specialist accessories, the best on our list for rotisserie cooking specifically.


  • Available in two sizes to suit your kitchen
  • Comes with loads of cool accessories
  • Offers most use out of the rotisserie function
  • Really user-friendly
  • Pretty well priced
  • Loaded with 16 presets
  • Comes with recipe book


  • Only one heating element
  • Fan is located in the base
  • Plastic enclosure


With a 16.9 qt capacity, our penultimate pick sits more a less between our larger and smaller options in terms of size.

There’s still plenty of room to cook a smallish whole bird on the rotisserie skewer for delicious meals with family and friends.

Lagging behind our other picks, with 10 presets.

It’s perhaps not quite as versatile, but the layout is the most intuitive of all the products on this list.

Everything is controlled via a touch panel that surrounds a small LCD display.

Each preset expressed with an adorable little illustration. If you want pizza, push the picture of the pizza. If you want fish, hit the fish...and so on.

Not one to be beaten, Best Choice has absolutely stacked the included accessories.

Coming with 12 in total, including a handy oven mitt and pair of tongs, you really don’t have to make any separate purchases to make the most of this air fryer.

If you’re looking for something sharp to match a kitchen aesthetic, you can get this air fryer in four very snappy and tasteful colors, but there’s a catch.

Should you need the blue or white editions, the price rises significantly.

There’s no change in functionality or size from color to color. You’re simply paying for the finish, which seems cruel.


  • Available in five different colors
  • Funky touch panel illustrations control presets
  • Comes with more accessories than any other product on the list
  • Nicely shaped enclosure
  • Unimposing
  • 10 presets
  • Pretty good price


  • Plastic enclosure
  • Doesn’t really allow fine-tuning of settings
  • Some colors cost way more than others


Our final fantastic fryer is a much-beloved little machine enjoyed by thousands of people all across the US, the Instant Vortex.

It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s the most popular rotisserie air fryer on our whole list.

It’s also by far the smallest, so if you’re just looking for a personal snack machine, you’re onto a winner with the Vortex.

Unfortunately, it’s smaller in every sense of the word.

You get a total of 7 preset modes that range from baking to dehydrating, to rotisserie.

Running on 1500 watts, it’s not as powerful as our other picks either, but for its size, it’s more than enough.

Included in the box are seven accessories, which is a decent haul for a little fryer.

But unlike the other products, it does not come with any sort of recipe collection to kick start your culinary creativity.

The control touch panel is nice but, matching the door in size, seems needlessly large.

We’d definitely prefer a more expansive cooking space and refined control layout.

We’ve noticed that most of the negative feedback from customers seems to be from 2020, and all were in concurrence.

The Vortex was giving off an acrid scent, which isn’t what you want, but perhaps is just a symptom of a defective batch.


  • Fantastic price
  • Great for cooking for yourself
  • 7 presets
  • Doesn’t use much power
  • Comes with seven great accessories
  • Nice touch panel controls


  • Control panel could be smaller
  • Not suitable for large meals for multiple people
  • Some newer models give off a terrible smell

Best Air Fryer with Rotisserie Buying Guide

It’s a big step to buy an air fryer. They’re not exactly cheap, but the right one could literally change your life.

The trouble is there are just so many available now that it can be hard to choose.

The stress of it alone is enough to drive you back toward the sultry siren call of the greasy frying pan.

Don’t give up to the oil just yet, though. Here’s a buyer’s guide to smooth everything out and keep you eating healthy.


Coming up with some sort of preliminary budget will steer you in the right direction and minimize the number of products you have to trawl through to find the one for you.

Check out the products listed in this guide to see the price range.


Wattage is a measure of how much power an air fryer will use, but more importantly, of how powerful it is.

Higher wattages may cook larger portions of food quicker or move air more efficiently.

Typically speaking, air fryers will have a power rating between 1600 and 1800 watts, but smaller models designed for single person use can function perfectly well on 1500 watts.

Temperature Range

Separate to wattage is the range of temperatures an air fryer can hit. In theory, a larger range is better as it makes for a more versatile machine.

For the delicious, golden brown foods air fryers have become famous for, it needs to be able to sustain a temperature between 325 and 400° F.


With any all-in-one sort of cooking device, safety should be a key concern.

Sometimes designers aiming for an all singing, all dancing super unit, spread their machine too thin and fail to account for some of the things that can go wrong.

It’s always a good idea to check customer reviews to see if anybody has noticed anything dangerous about a product.


How hungry are you? That’s the fundamental question here. Do you entertain often?

Do you have an ever-growing family? If you’re a solo snackist, there’s no need to waste money on an air fryer with a huge capacity.

An internal space of 10 qt should be more than enough. If you’re putting on the spread of the year, you should consider sizes beyond 30 qt.


Most air fryers these days come loaded with presets to make cooking your food as easy as possible. Push the button, and boom! Done.

There’s no harm in looking for a fryer with loads of these factory presets, but ideally, you also want to cook things your own way sometimes as well.


Air fryers are all about three things: making food healthier, making food faster, and making food easier.

It’s this last that a well laid out control panel should facilitate.

Simplicity is key. Everything should be clearly labeled and provide a smooth user experience. 

We recommend a mixture of buttons and dials for maximum control, but nothing beats a singular touch panel for ease of use.


It’s not something people generally think about when shopping for air fryers, but noise level is one of the most important things to consider. 

There are quiet air fryer options.

The matter is complicated by the fact that there's no way you can really know how loud an air fryer will be.

But researching customer reviews, or even searching for videos of them online can be a great help.

Elements and Fan Location

An air fryer with more than one element tends to be better than those with just one. They’ll provide a quicker, more even cook. That said, some smaller ones really don’t need more than one element.

Equally as important as the heating element(s) is the placement of the convection fan.

Ideally, it needs to be located in the sidewall to blow an even amount of hot air over all the contents. Fans in the top or base of an air fryer are impeded by the food itself.


It’s rare that an air fryer comes without any accessories, therefore it makes sense to shop around for one that comes with a bundle you really appreciate.

Some may come with fairly general extras, but others really push the boat out on rotisserie equipment, which you may prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you not cook in an air fryer?

You shouldn’t try to cook anything battered unless it’s frozen. Broccoli doesn’t cook quite right.

Over seasoned food items are a bad idea as the excess will blow off and mess the interior.

Cheese is another thing to be avoided if you want to keep cleaning easy. Leafy greens are a flight risk too.

Lastly, if you like your beef rare, use the grill. Air fryers are designed to cook through.

Is Cooking with an air fryer healthy?

Healthline reports that "Using an air fryer can help cut fat content". One study found that air-frying resulted in less fat but a similar color and moisture content. 

Summing Up

There you have, foodies, five awesome air fryers with rotisserie capabilities.

One of these should suit pretty much any household, bringing you that crispy crunch, without the oily guilt, hurray!

Feel free to use our buyer’s guide to continue your search, and remember these factors in particular: more elements tend to be better, a side fan will cook more evenly, and look for a capacity that suits you.

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