Are Hand Mixer Attachments Universal?

Hand mixers are extremely useful appliances in the kitchen and are often used with a number of different types of cooking. While the attachments last longer than the hand mixer itself you may find it hard to get a hand mixer that fits to those attachments.

Unfortunately, hand mixer attachments are not universal. They are specific to each individual brand as they are all created in different ways and have different fixings to match up. Certain brand mixers will use the same attachments across each of their hand and stand mixers.

In this article, we are going to take about hand mixer attachments, whether they are universal or if they can be exchanged between models of their own brand.

Are Hand Mixer Attachments Universal? 

With only one word, the answer is no. Unfortunately, hand mixer attachment fittings are not universal. Therefore it is nearly impossible to find any mixer attachments for your hand mixer from other brands. Sometimes, it can be unlikely to find replacement attachments from the same brand to fit your hand mixer.

It usually has to be from the specific model since even brands are often not standardised. 

Depending on the brand or model of the hand mixer, the fittings can vary. For this reason, the fittings can change the way things are attached or what can be attached to the mixer. Generally, the fittings are designed based on power and life mechanism.

Therefore, the attachments can have a unique way to be attached not only because of their mechanism but also their size. That’s why to attach any accessory on the mixer first, you need to check if it matches the fit on the specific model. Then, slightly twist and push the accessory until it clicks into place.

Which Hand Mixer Attachments Fit To Other Hand Mixers?

Although hand mixer attachments don’t fit other models in most cases, there are a few that can use the attachments of others. Furthermore, some specific brands and products are almost universal and can use attachments from different brands and models.


Sunbeam is one of the most popular brands for hand mixers, and it is used by many households. Usually, if you need to get new attachments or replace any old ones, it is quite easy to find them. To find the right attachments, you simply need the hand mixer’s model number.

If by any chance you cannot locate it by yourself, then consult the hand mixer’s manufacturer. Then according to the model, you can find different variations of attachments. However, some hand mixer models can swap and interchange their attachments with other models of the same brand. 

Here is a list of the hand mixer models that their parts can be swapped and interchanged:

  1. The Hand Mixer models 2560, 2561, 2562, 2563, 3156, 2547, 2564, 2566, 2567, and 2551 can use the Sunbeam Heritage Series.

The Heritage Series consists of: 

  • The beaters with model number 119651000000
  • The Dough Hook, Right with model number 119651004000
  • The Dough Hook, Left with model number 119651003000
  1. The Hand Mixer models 2524, 2525, 2526, 2545, 2546, FPSBHM1801 and FPSBHM1502 can use:
  • The Dough Hook, Left with model number 118401001000


KitchenAid is perhaps the most convenient brand of all the cookware for hand mixers. Several attachments and accessories of KitchenAid can be used by several models of the same brand and different brands. For instance, most hand mixer beaters of KitchenAid are almost universal.

They can be used by models of KitchenAid and other brands. However, it is advisable to check the beaters’ manual specifications to find the most suitable hand mixer. From all the attachments from KitchenAid, flat beaters are the ones to be more compatible with various hand mixer brands.

Secondly, dough hooks and c-shaped dough hooks are often compatible with several hand mixers as they help knead heavy dough or push the dough to the sides of a bowl. Lastly, a balloon whisk is frequently compatible with other brands as their attaching points align with a hand mixer’s beater. 

Here is a list of the hand mixer models that their parts can be swapped and interchanges:

KHM series

Similar to other brands like Sunbeam, KitchenAid has different series of hand mixers. Most popular is the KHM series. Most hand mixer attachments are compatible with all the products of the series. 


KitchenAid products can also be used as replacements for several hand mixer attachments for KitchenAid and other brands such as Whirlpool. For instance:

(i) The product hand mixer stainless steel turbo beaters, KHM2B, W10490648, replaces part numbers: AP5644233, W10240913, 9707242, 8212348, 2684432, 3181106, 3181447. 

Furthermore, it fits: 

KitchenAid models:4KHM3WH5, 4KHM512TCB0, 4KHM5DHWH5, 4KHM5TBWH5, 4KHM7TAC5, 4KHM7TBU5, 4KHM7TER54, KHM7TGN5, 4KHM7TMY5, 4KHM7TOB5, 4KHM7TWH5 etc.

Whirlpool models: KHM517QCL0, KHM517QER0, KHM517QGA0, KHM517QMY0, KHM517QOB0, KHM517QWH0, etc


Braun is probably one of the most famous brands for electric devices. Although there are not as many models for hand mixers, such as KitchenAid brands, recently, Braun’s hand mixer has been listed as one of the best for all households by users – and that is the MultiMix Hand Mixer.

However, unlike other brands, Braun does not have many attachments that can fit multiple models. The only one that fits a few models is: 

  1. The hand mixer beater set 7051155 that fits the models: 
  • 4642, M800, M810, M870, M880 and M890
  1. And the same set can replace the part numbers:
  • 4842-265, 4842265, and 7051-155