Are Rice Cakes Keto Friendly?

Are Rice Cakes Keto-Friendly?

No, rice cakes are not keto since they contain high levels of carbohydrates. Rice is rich in carbs, and hence no type of rice cake is keto-friendly.

Processed foods such as cake are keto, but rice is rich in carbs, thus making the match, not keto. A ketogenic diet is supposed to be of a low-carb diet.

Hence it is paramount to note that rice and its processed products are not ketos since they are rich in carbohydrates.

It is paramount to learn whether rice is keto-friendly or not since it will be helpful to determine whether it will raise the blood sugars.

For instance, rice cake is said to have fewer carbs. However, it will raise the levels of blood sugar quickly. Rice is a grain rich in carbohydrates.

Why you Should Avoid Rice Cakes when on a Keto Diet

The high levels of carbs make the rice cakes not keto-friendly. Generally, a small serving of rice cake will kick out ketosis.

Too Many Carbohydrates

When on the keto diet, it is paramount that you avoid rice cakes. It is estimated that there are approximately three-quarters of carbs per 100g serving.

Just a little scoop of rice cake and three quarters is the net carb; thus, it is not keto-friendly.

To ensure that you remain in ketosis, you must limit the net carb you consume daily. Of late, it is possible to limit carb consumption by using a keto macros calculator.

Besides, you should consider getting an alternative snack with low carb levels.

Low fats in Rice Cakes

The Keto diet requires low levels of carbs and high levels of fats. However, rice cakes are the complete opposite of what is expected of a keto diet.

The Keto diet requires that the carbohydrate ratio be around 5-10%, the fat to be approximately 70%, and the rest to be protein.

However, rice cakes contain a high level of carbs which ranges to around 80% very low protein and fat level.

The Keto diet mainly focuses on high fat and low carbohydrate. In addition, keto diet does focus on calories, and thus rice cakes are not suitable when on keto.

Rice Cake Nutrition

To prove that a rice cake is devoid and should not be taken when on keto, then you should take a look at the distribution of macros;

  • Calories: 35g
  • Carbs: 7.3g
  • Fat: 0.3g
  • Protein: 0.7g

The Keto diet does not recommend rice cakes since their macros are opposite of what the diet advises.

There are numerous types of rice cakes processed from different types of rice. However, there are numerous hidden additives and sugars that the keto diet doesn’t recommend.

The high carbohydrate and low protein and fat levels are due to the process used to make rice cakes.

Normally, rice cakes are made to go through high pressures temperatures. Hence, most of the crucial nutrients are destroyed and lost.

Whatever is left is a snack with high levels of carbohydrates and low levels of fat. Therefore, the snack will easily cause the blood sugar to rise after eating.

Other Types

There are numerous types of rice grains, and they have different but almost the same level of macros.

All types of rice grains have high carbohydrates and low fat. Even though, if you are on keto, you should avoid all types of rice cakes. Whether made from brown rice or white rice.

Glycaemic Index

When on the keto diet, avoid eating rice cakes since they have a high glycaemic index (GI). High GI means that the blood glucose level will spike.

GI level is high due to the processing of grains which will make it hard to remain in ketosis.

Even though it is advisable that cakes made from brown rice are healthier than those made from white rice, the levels of GI are still high. Hence, you should avoid rice cake while on keto.

The disadvantage of eating rise cakes when on keto is that the GI will remain high and eventually make insulin and the blood glucose rise.

Furthermore, it will cause cravings and the desire to eat more. therefore, rice cakes are not keto-friendly.


  • Rice cakes are not keto. Keto diet requires a meal to have low carbohydrate and high fat. However, rice cakes have high carbs and low fats.
  • When on keto diet, it is paramount that you avoid rice cakes, whether they are made from brown rice or white rice.
  • Rice cakes are rich in carbohydrates, and a single cake can contain up to 7g of carb and 0.3g of fat. From these macros’ nutrient composition, it is clear that rice cakes are devoid of being consumed when on keto diet.
  • Rice cakes have high GI, which results in a spike in blood glucose.
  • The processing of rice cakes destroys most essential nutrients, and consuming the snack makes it hard to remain on keto diet.