Are Mugs Oven Safe?

Yes. You can only use mugs in the oven if the manufacturer labels them oven-safe. As a mother, learning what objects can be used in the oven has saved me from many inconveniences.

It is somewhat risky to put mugs in the oven because they may shatter or crack due to exposure to high temperatures.

I know this topic may sound silly to some, but in reality, there are some instances where you will need more information regarding the safety of a mug on the oven with some recipes.

For example, when making mug cakes, you need to understand the highest temperature a mug can withstand before proceeding to bake.

In this post, I will share what mugs can go into the oven, what mugs should not be used, and tips on preventing oven-safe mugs from shuttering.

Therefore, let us dive right in:

Mugs are safe to be used in the oven as long as the manufacturer states that they are oven safe.

However, in my experience using mugs for baking chocolate mug cakes, I discovered that it is essential to check the maximum temperature the mug can withstand in the oven.

The mug can be labeled oven-safe, but surprisingly, it will not withstand the temperature necessary to bake a cake fully. So it is always advisable to check.

How to know whether your mug is oven safe

I have realized that the easiest way to know whether an object is oven safe is to check the oven-safe symbol. For a mug, it usually is underneath.

The other way is to check for the manufacturer’s recommendation online. All you need to do is look up your mug’s manufacturer online and search for the mug. The information you need should be right there.

Nonetheless, there may be occasions where the mug does not have the symbol, or it may be worn-off. Additionally, you may fail to recognize what brand the mug is.

Hence, it will help you if you have general knowledge about various types of mugs before putting them into the oven. Better yet, get a brand new one.

Which mugs are oven-safe?

I included this section to inform you what mugs are safe to go into the oven. This will help you if you do not spot the manufacturer’s symbol or know what brand you have.

Some oven-safe mugs I identified include:

  • Metal mugs

These types of mugs are often oven-safe. However, you must ensure that it is pure metal.

Metal mugs are great because metal is a heat conductor; therefore, they will do well in the oven.

Before placing your metal mug into the oven, ensure there are no plastic parts. Moreover, do not place metal mugs with a non-stick coating into the oven.
That is because the non-stick coating will not react well with the heat.

  • Stoneware mugs

I love baking, and I discovered that stoneware mugs are the best for this activity. If you also love baking, then get yourself a stoneware mug.

The stoneware mugs are a variant of non-porous ceramic. This type of mug can withstand heat up to 2370 degrees.

Therefore, they are the best for baking because of their high tolerance to heat.

Additionally, they distribute the heat evenly. Thus, the cake will bake evenly. Stoneware mugs also have a non-stick element. Therefore, you will not have to worry about this aspect.

  • Glass mugs

Many experts will not recommend glass mugs to be used in an oven. However, if the mug has an oven-safe symbol, it is safe to use.

However, do not inflict too much heat because it will shutter. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Mugs that you should never put in an oven

Here is my compilation of mugs that should never go into the oven:

  • Bone china

These types of mugs are delicate and shutter quickly. That is because they are often thin, painted, or have decorations.

  • Porcelain

Porcelain products are categorized into oven-safe and non-oven-safe. The porcelain bakeware is oven-safe and can withstand extreme temperatures.
Porcelain mugs are, however, not oven-safe.

  • Plastic

As you probably know, plastic melts under heat. Therefore, avoid placing plastic objects into the oven because they will deform.

  • Earthenware

These types of mugs may deceive you because they are thick and seemingly durable. However, they are susceptible to chipping.

How to prevent oven-safe mugs from cracking

This section will help you extend your mug’s lifespan. Here are some details:

  • Avoid setting the oven’s temperature higher than what your mug can withstand.

If you set the temperature higher than what is recommended, your mug’s chances of cracking increase.

  • Do not make extreme temperature changes.

For instance, when you transfer a mug from the freezer straight into the oven, this will undoubtedly shutter your mug.

Therefore, when you take the mug out of the oven, let it cool at room temperature before placing it into the oven.


If a mug has been declared oven-safe by the manufacturer, it is viable. Metal and stoneware mugs are the best ones to use in the oven.

Avoid using porcelain, bone china, earthenware, and plastic mugs because they will shutter. Lastly, always read the manufacturer’s recommendations before putting the mug into an oven.

I hope this piece helps!