Miyabi Vs Shun Knives – What Is The Difference and Which Is Better?

I am a big food enthusiast so I spend a lot of time thinking about my upcoming meal preparation.

There is something gratifying about making a meal from scratch. It’s even more fulfilling when I make it for my family and friends.

I have learned to cook different dishes from different countries over the years but Japanese food has always been my favourite, if I’m not eating a quick and easy ramen (I love cooking ramen with egg in the microwave) then I’m probably cooking a Katsu curry or dicing up sushi.

A lot of care goes into the preparation of Japanese food and it shows in the end results, dishes are not only incredibly tasty but deliciate and aesthetically pleasing too.

In Japanese culture they have specific dining traditions that date back centuries and they absolutely insist on using the proper kitchen equipment and tools at all times with each task having a tool dedicated to it.

One thing they are very serious about is their knives which are high quality, precise, and almost works of art.

I have recently used both Miyabi and Shun knives which are two popular choices in Japan; this is what I can share from my experience…

What Is A Miyabi Knife?

Miyabi is a series of sharp blade thin Japanese knives.

They are some of the best knives in the market, especially for those who appreciate Japanese knives.

It’s an ideal tool for every kitchen because it does everything a regular knife does, maybe even better.

There is a collection of these knives you can choose from.

They come in different sizes but maintain the same effectiveness.

Miyabi Birchwood, evolution, Mizu, black and artisan are some of the products you will encounter.

What Is A Shun Knife?

Shun is also a traditional Japanese collection of knives. They have lightweight, sharp blades, and most have attractive patterns.

They are one of the most popular knives out there. They can be used for any knife-related needs in the kitchen.

They are perfect for smooth slicing than forceful chopping.

They can cut meat and vegetables but are not meant for cutting bones or hard-skinned vegetables.

There are different shun knives on the market; it will come down to what you prefer.

Miyabi Vs Shun – What’s The Difference?

The main separating difference between the two knives is that the Miyabi knives are sharper than the Shun knives.

They have a nine to twelve degrees angle per side, while shun knives have sixteen degrees.

The Miyabi knives also have harder blades compared to shun. In terms of usage, both are equally effective and functional in all kitchen duties.

My Experience Using Both Knives

After using both knives for a while, you tend to pick up a few things.

Miyabi knives have the best cutting-edge retention. They will last you for a very long time with the same effectiveness.

Shun knives are lighter and easy on the wrist. They can also help you work faster in the kitchen.

Miyabi Knives Pros

  • Lasting sharpness
  • Best corrosion resistance
  • Variety of high quality handles


  • The rigid blade makes it brittle
  • They are considered the best, so they are pricey

Shun Knives Pros

  • They are light, which makes them easy to use
  • The cutting edge is precise
  • They are a perfect size and suitable for in-between tasks


  • It needs a lot and proper care to last long
  • They can be dull after sometimes

Miyabi Or Shun – Which Should You Choose?

You can choose either of the knives because they are both high-end products. Ensure you pick depending on your needs and preference.

They are both simple to use and cannot rust easily; that’s why your needs will determine the best one.

So Should You Buy Miyabi or Shun Knives?

The key differences between the two knives are in the blades. They can both be used for cutting, chopping and anything in between.

I have used both knives, and they both improved my kitchen experiences. I would choose the Miyabi knife because of how durable they are.