Are Ikea Knives Any Good?

We know Ikea as the place to go for cheap DIY furniture, but when it comes to kitchenware, it’s not exactly the brand that rings in our minds. Still, Ikea does sell kitchen knives at significantly low prices. You may be wondering: are these cheaper Ikea knives actually any good?

Ikea’s 365+ line of kitchen knives is comparable in quality with known top-of-the-line kitchen knives. Made of molybdenum/vanadium steel, they boast a warrantied lifespan of up to 15 years. However, cheaper Ikea knives are less durable and may need replacing after a few years.

This article will discuss the lifespan and functionality of Ikea knives. If you’re considering getting an Ikea knife for yourself, read on for more information.

What Steel Are Ikea Knives Made Of?

Ikea knives are made of molybdenum/vanadium, nickel-free stainless steel. These metals make them highly resistant to rusting. 

Stainless steel is widely used in knives because of its toughness and durability. These qualities are great if you’re looking for a knife to use for a long time.

Unfortunately, while stainless steel is generally durable, not all stainless steel is alike. Most cheaper Ikea knives are made of low-quality stainless steel that can easily dull. While this can be remedied with frequent sharpening, that can be a hassle for some, especially those with busy kitchens.

On the other hand, their high-end kitchen knives are of much better quality steel. They have blades of molybdenum/vanadium steel, a composition that makes their blades hard yet easy to maneuver, extremely wear-resistant, and able to handle very tough cuts.

This type of composition combines the best of durability, toughness, and precision–which is exactly what you will likely look for in a kitchen knife and, in fact, what every chef’s knife should have.

These blades have also been compared to the classic Wusthof chef’s knife, as they are made of almost the same composition. With proper care, they can last you a very long time. 

Where Are Ikea Knives Made?

All Ikea knives are manufactured in China. Like many companies around the world, Ikea maintains its low prices by taking advantage of the low labor costs in Chinese factories. 

By outsourcing their production process, Ikea is able to release higher-end products that perform as well as more expensive counterparts for a fraction of the cost of those counterpart products.

However, some Ikea knives are also commissioned from Chinese companies. This is often the case with those not indicated to be designed by Ikea designers

These products tend to disappear from the market once they have sold out and are more hit-or-miss types rather than carefully designed products.

Can You Sharpen Ikea Knives?

Ikea knives can be sharpened just like any other kitchen knife. You can go with the more traditional method of knife sharpening by using a whetstone. Many chefs claim that this is the best way to sharpen kitchen knives. 

It may take some getting used to, but whetstones tend to be more practical as they last an incredibly long amount of time. If you’d like to try using a whetstone in your own kitchen, check out Sharp Pebble 2-grit whetstone from that comes with a non-slip bamboo case. This is both pleasant to look at and environment-friendly.

Ikea has also released two knife sharpening products, namely Skarande and Aspekt, that you can use for fine to coarse sharpening. Since using a whetstone takes a bit of getting used to, not everyone may be comfortable using one. If you want a way to sharpen your knife without needing the expertise required to use a whetstone, Skarande and Aspekt will come in handy.

If you want a more affordable option, you can choose Aspekt. This product has only one sharpening slot in which you can sharpen any knife. If you want higher precision, you can opt for the Skarande, which has three sharpening slots. This makes it possible for you to choose between fine, medium, and sharpening.

5 Best Ikea Knives

Ikea has some of the most affordable products in the market, and its knives are no exception. Despite being really cheap, Ikea knives can even compare with more expensive and well-known brands. 

Below are five of the best Ikea knives so far, based on function, material, and aesthetic appeal.

1. 365+ Utility Knife

This 6” (15.24 cm) Ikea 365+ Utility Knife (available on is perfect for those who are looking for an all-around knife that can last a long time. Whether you’re cutting fruits and vegetables or meat, this knife performs very well. 

Made of stainless steel, particularly of molybdenum/vanadium composition, this knife is very durable while staying extremely sharp. Its precise edge enables you to make precise cuts in tough material, like large chunks of meat. It’s highly resistant to wear and is not susceptible to rusting.

Because of its composition, this knife also retains its sharpness for a long time, which is great for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of frequent sharpening. 

Also, the design of this knife is easy on the eyes. Its single body design looks very sleek and minimalistic, but it also makes this knife easy to wash. The grooves on its steel handle give it a comfortable grip that is not prone to slipping.

2. Vardagen Chef’s Knife

Who says you can’t have a professional knife for a low price? Ikea’s Vardagen Chef’s Knife (available on is proof that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a good chef’s knife.

This knife comes in a classic two-body design, with a black acetal plastic handle and a stainless steel blade. It’s lightweight and easy to wield, but doesn’t feel cheap in your hands. Despite the plastic handle, it’s surprisingly stable and sturdy.

The blade is also made of molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, which is great for longevity and resistance to corrosion. It’s also very sharp and ready to use upon purchase. 

Perhaps the only significant downside to this knife is that it tends to dull with prolonged use. However, this is nothing that can’t be remedied by sharpening.

3. Vorda Cook’s Knife

Ikea’s Vorda Cook’s Knife (available on is another good all-around knife at a smaller price tag than the 365+ one. 

Like the Vardagen, this also is a two-body knife. However, this knife’s handle is made of polypropylene plastic and rubber and has a rounded, tapering design. It’s easy on the grip and very comfortable for extended use, which is important given that its blade is slightly bigger than most utility knives.

However, while it does give a comfortable grip, it’s prone to slipping–despite the plastic and rubber material of the handle–because of its handle’s tapering form.

The blade is also made of molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel. It’s very stable while being very sharp. It’s able to retain its sharpness even with long use, so it’s an excellent everyday knife for both home kitchens and professional use.

4. Forslag Cook’s Knife

A cheaper option for a multipurpose knife is the Forslag Cook’s Knife (available on, which is part of a 3-piece set.

This knife has a stable grip, thanks to a long rounded handle that’s made of synthetic rubber and polypropylene plastic. The handle also effectively prevents slipping and helps to maintain good balance on a board.

The blade is made of stainless steel and alloy steel, making it very durable and resistant to staining and corrosion. It’s also very sharp and able to make precise cuts even with delicate foods.

But while the blade can last a long time, it’s quite prone to dulling. You will need to regularly sharpen the blade (at least once a week) to maintain its performance.

5. Andlig Cook’s Knife

If you’re looking to really stretch your budget, the Andlig Cook’s Knife is the one to choose. You can buy the Andlig 3-piece set (available on and includes a bread knife and a paring knife) for a remarkably low price. 

This is a two-body knife with a stainless steel blade and a polypropylene and synthetic rubber handle. The blade is durable and resistant to staining but may need some sharpening after some use.

Unlike most standard cook’s knives, the handle on this one is white and gray, creating a sleek and stylish look.