Microwave Rice Pudding: How To Guide

Microwave rice pudding is an excellent way of turning rice into a dessert.

It’s an easy-to-make option that’s also comforting and healthy for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

I prepare rice pudding with leftover dishes instead of them going into waste.

You can also try this and mix the rice with a few ingredients from your kitchen to make a delicious pudding.

Types of Rice Pudding Recipes

If you have some leftover rice you don’t want for dinner, try preparing a rice pudding using my simple recipe.

You will come across tons of rice pudding recipes since it’s served in most places worldwide.

You can as well try some local versions depending on the different places you travel to or you can also check for some new recipes on the internet for different communities around the world.

For example, rice pudding made in India will be different from that in Singapore.

The Indian pudding will be spicier, and it helps create an interesting dish.

However, my rice pudding recipe sticks to the basics and is familiar to most people.

Rice Pudding Options

You should prepare microwave rice pudding with short-grain rice, but you can as well use basmati.

The best option, however, is pudding rice.

Pudding rice is rounder and shorter than any other rice grain.

Upon cooking it, it becomes creamy, thus being an excellent option for pudding.

Microwave Rice Pudding Recipe


• 1 ½ cup of cooked rice
• One egg
• ¾ cup of whole milk
• ⅓ cup of sugar
• One tablespoon of vanilla extract
• ½ cup of sugar
• A pinch of salt
• ½ tablespoon of cinnamon


1. Mix the egg into a bowl until it’s fluffy.
2. Add vanilla extract, cinnamon, salt, and milk to the egg and whisk.
3. Add cooked rice into the mixture and stir.
4. Divide the mixture into two mugs.
5. Microwave for each mug for three minutes. This might vary depending on the power of your microwave and the size of the mug. Try cooking for 30 seconds at a time.
6. Remove each mug from the microwave and let them cool.
7. Top each mug with raisins, whipped topping, nutmeg, or cinnamon.

The recipe is ideal for a single person.

However, you can add the ingredients depending on the number of people or servings you want to cover.

Furthermore, it’s a straightforward and quick dish to make as long as you have some leftover rice.

Try this next time you have some leftover rice, and you will have an exciting dessert from it to enjoy.

Preparing Rice for Pudding

The recipe above requires you to have cooked rice.

If you don’t have some leftover rice, worry not because you can prepare some rice quickly and proceed with the pudding right away.

When preparing rice from scratch, you need to put a pot of water on your stove on medium heat and wait for it to boil.

Ensure that you have a cup and a half of water for each cup of rice you will be preparing.

After the water boils, add the rice, cover the pot and turn the heat to low.

Cook the rice for 20 minutes and occasionally check to see if it’s ready because the heating intensity varies from one stove to another.