Melting Gummi Bears in 7 Steps

Gummy bears are small squashy pieces of candy, favourite among children, but also for adults.

They are a good topping for dessert, but also eaten by themselves.

If you want to use the gummy bears as toppings, you have to melt them first.

Here are seven simple steps to melt your gummy bears using a microwave.

Step 1: How Many Gummi Bears Do You Want To Melt?

First, you must determine the number of gummy bears you want to melt.

You will do this by looking at the amount of use you have for them upon melting.

When the bears met, they will not go back to their pellet form, and any residue is a potential mess and waste.

Also, please take note of the colours while sorting them for melting.

Step 2: Put Them In A Dish

Find the right dish that would fit your gummy bears while sticking.

It would help if you remembered that the gummy bears increase in volume upon melting compared to the solid pellets.

Gummy bears are also sticky.

Therefore, you will need to find a dish such as good glassware so that the molten bears will be easy to remove after melting them.

Step 3: Check Your Microwave

Ascertain that you have the right microwave that would accommodate the bears without spilling.

If any of these gummy bears spill into the cervices of your devices, you will have a hard time removing them.

It would be best if you were wary to avoid accidents and mechanical problems due to spills in your microwave oven.

Also, remember that the temperature upon melting may make the gummy bears bubble.

Step 4: Set The Power

Set your microwave to half power and place in your gummy bears for melting.

Go on and set the time at five minutes for the gummy bears to melt.

At half power, you have a better chance of melting your bears evenly with proper heat distribution.

Step 5: Check On Them

After the end of the five minutes, check your gummy bears again and ensure that they are all melted and evenly done.

If there is some solid material yet to melt, you can add another few minutes but check at thirty-second intervals.

You need your gummy bears to melt well and evenly into a well-distributed liquid.

There is no issue adding some extra time to ensure that they are all molten and evenly done in your dish.

Step 6: Are They Melted Yet?

Add your gummy bears to the dessert or toppings as appropriate while they are still hot.

If you had not done this prior, you might have to repeat the melting step.

Remember that your gummy bears will solidify quite fast upon melting.

Your material for use should be ready before you start the melting process.

Step 7: Wash Your Dish Quickly

Empty your dish and wash off any residue before the material solidifies again.

You should use hot water and soap to remove the residue effectively.

The dishes you use to melt your gummy bears may give you a hard time if you opt to wash them later.

It is prudent to remove the resin material as a basic step.

If you want to melt your gummy bears, estimate the number, find the dish of the right size, set your microwave, and melt.

Also, remember to use them soon after and wash the dish to avoid sticking.