5 Best Roti Makers

Roti bread is generally simple to make, but it can be difficult to roll it manually without breaking it or making it too thin/not thin enough. Using a roti maker is a great way to flatten your bread without messing it up. 

The best roti maker for the average person is the Bellemain Corn Tortilla Press. It’s made from cast iron, so it’s durable and heavy-duty. This press does most of the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about getting the shape and thickness right by yourself. 

The Bellemain press is likely the best choice for you if: 

  • You’re looking for a decently priced press for your roti. If you don’t mind spending a bit extra and are looking for something heavier, you could consider the Uno Casa Cast Iron Press (available on Amazon) instead. 
  • Eight inches (20 centimeters) are adequate. If you want a bigger press, you should consider the 7Penn Cast Iron Tortilla Press (available on Amazon), which has a ten-inch (25-centimeter) option. 
  • You want a heavy-duty press. If you want something to cook the flatbread on rather than press it on, you should consider the G&M Crepe Maker Machine (available on Amazon).  
  • You don’t want to cook the roti right away. Since it’s only a press, it doesn’t cook the roti. If you’re going to flatten and cook it simultaneously, you should consider the Roti Maker by StarBlue (available on Amazon). 

In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss the critical aspects you should consider before purchasing your roti maker. I will also discuss why the Bellemain tortilla press is suitable for the average person and give my opinion on some alternative roti makers that may be more suitable for you. 

Aspects To Consider Before Purchasing a Roti Maker

Before taking the plunge and purchasing your roti maker or press, here are the most important aspects to consider: 

  • Size 
  • The primary function (do you want something that will flatten the bread, something that will cook it, or both?) 
  • Quality 

I’ll compare my chosen roti makers against these aspects below: 


Roti MakerDimensionsWeightRating
Bellemain Press11.26 x 9.53 x 2.05 in (28.6 x 24.2 x 5.2 cm) 9.33 lbs (4.23 kg)9/10
7Penn Cast Iron Tortilla Press9.5 x 11 x 2 inches (24.1 x 27.9 x 5 cm)7.08 lbs (3.21 kg)4/10
G&M Crepe Maker Machine13.19 x 12.08 x 2.68 in (33.5 x 30.7 x 6.8 cm)2.6 lbs (1.18 kg)7/10
Uno Casa Cast Iron Press12.5 x 10 x 3 in (31.75 x 25.4 x 7.6 cm)11.66 lbs (5.3 kg)4/10
Starblue Roti Maker 13.39 x 7.87 x 9.84 in (34 x 20 x 25 cm)5.45 lbs (2.47 kg)6/10

Best choice by size: G&M crepe maker if you’re looking for something bigger and lightweight. Bellemain press if you’re looking for something smaller but heavy. 

If the size is essential to you and you are looking for something as wide as possible, the G&M machine is likely your best bet. At 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) wide, you can make wider flatbread than you can with most average roti makers. 

It’s rare for roti makers to be above ten inches (25 centimeters), and in most cases, the average person won’t need it to be any wider than that. You also need to consider whether you’re planning on using your roti maker for other foods. If you plan on using it to make crepes, for example, a bigger size will be more appropriate.

If you only plan on making roti in your machine, you don’t need anything more than eight to ten inches (20-25 centimeters). 

Size also matters for the amount of space you have in your kitchen. A 12-inch (30.5-centimeter) roti maker vs. an eight-inch (20-centimeter) roti maker will be much clunkier and hog more space. 

Is Weight Important?

Weight is essential when it comes to a roti maker. The heavier the press, the easier it will be to flatten your bread. The cast-iron presses are heavier than the steel ones, creating evenly flattened roti. 

They are also more difficult to damage because of their integrity. 

When using a non-cast iron press to flatten your roti, you will have to put in more work by using your body weight; this is generally why cast iron roti makers and presses are more expensive than steel or aluminum ones. It also takes longer to flatten roti using a non-cast iron press or maker. 

Primary Function

Roti MakerPrimary FunctionRating
Bellemain PressFlatten roti and other foods (second heaviest option)9/10
7Penn Cast Iron Tortilla PressFlatten roti. Can also be used to flatten tortillas5/10
G&M Crepe Maker MachineA crepe machine but can be used to make roti2/10
Uno Casa Cast Iron PressFlatten roti and other foods (heaviest option)6.5/10
Starblue Roti Maker Cook and flatten roti. This device is specifically made for roti.7.5/10

Best choice by primary function: Bellemain press for a general, heavy-duty press. Starblue Roti Maker to press and cook at the same time. 

If you’re looking for the heaviest roti press you can find because you want to put as little effort into it as possible, you should go for the Uno cast iron. However, it’s on the pricier side, which is why I think the Bellemain one is a better choice for the average person. 

The Bellemain press is a perfect middle-of-the-road roti press and makes flattening roti super quick and easy. 

The Starblue roti maker isn’t nearly as heavy as the cast-iron presses, but the fact that it cooks while it flattens makes up for this. It will take longer, but it’s handy if you’re looking for an all-in-one option. 


Generally, cast iron roti makers are of higher quality than non-cast iron makers. I’ll discuss the quality of each maker below. 

  • Bellemain Press (Quality rating: 9/10): This roti press is of high quality because it is made of cast iron. It’s heavy-duty and challenging to destroy. However, it’s easy for the Bellemain press to destroy other things, such as tables or countertops, because of how heavy it is. You should place it over a towel to protect your countertop. 
  • 7Penn Cast Iron Tortilla Press (Quality rating: 7/10): Another good quality cast iron press. However, the screws on the handle can become loose, which creates some wobbling. You can adjust the screws by hand. 
  • G&M Crepe Maker Machine (Quality rating: 6/10): The G&M crepe maker is made of aluminum, so it’s certainly not as sturdy as cast iron. However, it doesn’t come with a handle or hinge, so there’s less chance of it breaking. Overall, it’s decent quality once cared for properly. This company also offers 24/7 support and replacements if you run into any issues. 
  • Uno Casa Cast Iron Press (Quality rating: 9/10): The Uno cast iron press is heavy and sturdy. It’s another roti maker that is extremely difficult to damage, and it will last years if it’s cared for properly. 
  • Starblue Roti Maker (Quality Rating: 3/10): As an electric roti maker, the Starblue maker is more susceptible to problems. It’s common for this maker to stop heating properly after a few months or for the handle to become loose. If you handle it carefully, you increase the chances of it lasting. 

Best Roti Maker Overall: Bellemain Corn Tortilla Press

The Bellemain tortilla press is the best overall choice for roti bread because it’s heavy-duty yet affordable. 

Most people looking for a roti maker are looking for a way to easily flatten the dough without ruining it; the cooking is the easy part! So, since this focuses on flattening it to your desired thinness, it’s perfect for the average person. 

Since it’s cast iron, it has a smooth and non-stick surface. So, your roti dough is less likely to get stuck to this appliance. And using it with paper is an even better way to ensure a smooth shape. 

Conclusion: This roti maker is best if you’re looking for an average-sized and heavy-duty press that doesn’t require much time or effort to use. 

Best Roti Maker With the Cheapest Price Tag: 7Penn Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The 7Penn tortilla press (eight-inch or 20-centimeter option) is the cheapest roti maker mentioned in this article, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s terrible. 

It’s sturdy and challenging to damage for the most part, but the handle tends to come loose over time. It’s not the end of the world because it’s easy to screw it back on, but it can be a slight annoyance for some people. 

Conclusion: This maker is perfect for someone looking for an easy way to flatten their roti bread for a reasonable price. 

Best Roti Maker for Flattening and Cooking: Roti Maker by StarBlue

The Starblue roti maker is the only one on this list that can flatten and cook your roti dough, so it’s highly convenient if you don’t want to transfer your flattened dough to a different appliance for cooking. And unlike the others on this list, it’s explicitly designed for roti. 

It’s also equipped with different light indicators, so you’ll know when it’s at the correct temperature. 

Although it’s a convenient appliance, it takes more effort and strength to flatten the dough. So, this means it’ll take you longer to get your roti to your desired thinness. 

Conclusion: This one is great if you want a device that flattens and cooks your roti and if you don’t mind putting in a bit more effort to flatten your roti dough. 

Roti Maker That Requires the Least Amount of Effort: Uno Casa Cast Iron Press

The Uno cast iron press is the heaviest one mentioned in this article, which means it requires less body strength to press your dough. 

At ten inches (25 centimeters), it’s the perfect size for roti and also comes with 100 pieces of parchment paper to prevent your dough from sticking. 

It comes pre-seasoned, so it’s ready to use as soon as you receive it. 

Conclusion: This appliance is perfect if you’re looking for one of the most low-effort ways to flatten your roti. 

Best Roti Maker for Cooking Rather Than Flattening: G&M Crepe Maker Machine

Since this roti maker doesn’t come with a lid, you can’t flatten your dough with it. If you’re looking for a device to cook your roti on, you should go with this one. 

The G&M maker is the biggest roti maker in this article at approximately 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) wide. Therefore, it won’t be the best if you need something more compact. However, if you enjoy making crepes, you can use it for that as well as for roti. 

It comes with a lifetime warranty, so if you happen to run into any issues, you’ll be covered. 

Conclusion: If you need a roti maker that cooks it for you but doesn’t have a lid to flatten it, this is your best option.