How to Sharpen Ceramic Knives

Do you have ceramic kitchen knives that you are wondering how to sharpen? A familiar story…

Most ceramic knives manufacturers advertise their products and portray them as items that will never get dull.

Truth be told, after using them for a while, you will need to sharpen them in order to retain the functionality but…

These knives are very delicate and cannot be sharpened in conventional methods.

So lets discover the truth…

Can you sharpen a ceramic knife?

Yes, you can sharpen a ceramic knife and you will need to eventually as they do get dull despite often being advertised as staying sharp forever.

However, they can’t be sharpened in the traditional way.

If you’re a professional chef then see what knifes they use here.

How can I sharpen ceramic knife?

There are various ways that you can sharpen a ceramic knife. You can use an electric knife sharpener, a sharpening rod, or a work sharp knife and tool sharpener.

Are ceramic knives any good?

Yes they are, ceramic knives are made from very hard ceramic zirconia or zirconium dioxide and last for a long time plus are very effective at cutting.

They are highly effective knives for use in the kitchen.

What are the advantages of ceramic knives?

Their hard edges and stain resistance capabilities make them an excellent option for most cooking enthusiasts.

They stay sharp for a long time, don’t ware, and they don’t stain or discolour.

What are the disadvantages of ceramic knives?

While they are this effective, the biggest issue is sharpening these knives as they cannot use traditional sharpening like steel knives.

So even though they’ll stay sharp for a long time you can expect to eventually have to sharpen them and when that time comes it will be a pain!

Are ceramic knives good for cutting sushi, meat, and vegetables?

Yes, ceramic knives are good for cutting meat, sushi and vegetables. In fact You can use them on any kind of food without risking acidity effects.

After using them, you can quickly clean them and store the knives without the fear of odour absorption.

What can I use as a sharpener for ceramic knifes?

Once you purchase your ceramic knives, you should also think of buying an electric knife sharpener, a sharpening rod, or a work sharp knife.

Get a Knife Sharpener

You can safely use the sharpener on your knives without damaging the functionality.

When purchasing the electric knife sharpener, you must find one that is diamond abrasive so that it can quickly get rid of the nicks.

When using the sharpener, you need to protect your hands using a pair of cut-resistant gloves.

You should hold the sharpener in one hand and the ceramic knife in the other hand as you carefully pull both sides of the knives.

After sharpening the blade, you can check the sharpener by cutting a piece of paper; it should swiftly and smoothly cut the paper.

Use a Sharpening Rod To Sharpen Ceramic Knives

While they may not be as convenient as the electric knife sharpeners, the sharpening rods are also a great way to sharpen your ceramic knives.

You should find one made of diamond steel as they are strong and sturdy. When using the rod, you should hold the rod vertically or horizontally, depending on your comfort.

You should strike the knife’s blade against the rod three or four times on every side. Your knife is now sharp.

Use a Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

This option works best when you have lots of ceramic knives. While it may be expensive, it is an excellent idea for sharpening all your knives and not just the ceramic ones.

Using the sharpener, you should hold it in one hand and use your other hand to slide the ceramic knife’s blade at least five times on each side.

Continue doing so until you notice the sharpness coming through.

If sharpness is your main consideration then also look at Japanese knifes as they tend to be the sharpest ones.

Get a paper and check the sharpness. Once it is ready, you can then wipe it clean to eliminate the metallic pieces.

Return to Manufacturer for Sharpening

If all these options are unfavourable, you can always return them to the manufacturer for sharpening.

That’s How To Sharpen Ceramic Knives

The ceramic knives are very delicate and should be handled with the utmost care.

One mistake while sharpening can cause damage and render the knives unusable.

If you have a tough time sharpening them, it is wise that you return them to the manufacturer for sharpening. Don’t damage them.