How To Microwave Pumpkin Pie

Not only has pumpkin been used for pleasure like in Halloween holidays.

It is a delicacy that you must try out.

Furthermore, it has health benefits in the body.

Through the article, I will take you through how to make a home dish pumpkin pie.

Yes, it is possible to microwave pumpkin pie and still maintain amazing results

A step by step take through microwaving Pumpkin pie

As easy as it is making a quick home cooked dish, preparing this meal will be no exception too.

Before I take you through the procedure, make sure that you have stored the pumpkin in a good container and refrigerate it for a while.

The reason for this is to make the prepping process faster and easier.

1.Prepping the pumpkin pie

Every start of cooking will enable the end result of the cooking.

More so, with a better beginning, you will have an easier time monitoring the whole process.

Cut off the stem from the pumpkin with a strong knife as the cover may seem tricky to get through.

Scoop off the pulp and make sure that you remove the seeds to save for future roasting.

Ensure that you cut the pumpkin in quarter and further the quarter into halves.

2.Placing the pumpkin pieces on the microwave plate

Make sure that when you are doing this process, you use a microwave-safe bowl that can withstand the temperature used.

Cover the container with a plastic wrap tightly to make sure that there is no steam escaping during cooking.

3.Microwave insertion

This is the part when the heating really starts.

Keep in mind that the cooking process of a pumpkin takes approximately 7 minutes to complete the process.

However, through this 7-minute process, make sure that you check on the plastic wrapping.

Seemingly, do this half-way through the process. This will ensure that the steam does not escape from the container.

Although at this point the process is almost done, continue cooking the pie for another 8 minutes.

By doing this, you will be able to get the right texture of the pumpkin. Now remove the plastic wrapping by pulling it further from you to avoid any case of injury from the hot steam.


The meal at this point is almost ready and now that the pie has cooled a bit, you can peel the cover using your fingers.

Make sure you keep cleanliness on high regard through this procedure.

Try and maintain the perfect shape of the pumpkin since it is easier to wreck the whole thing with your fingers.

5.Pure peeling

The process is still the same as the one above although, this time you do the peeling using a food procedure or hand masher.

How To Make Pumpkin Pie In A Microwave

You can make a homemade pumpkin pie easily and quickly by using the above procedure.

More so, cooking using a microwave can be really beneficial since:

  • Microwaving ensures that you will obtain a crispy taste.
  • it is easy and faster to understand. This is for the people who feel like cooking is such a big task.
  • As the vegetable is very nutritious, microwaving will ensure it maintains its original nutrients.

Keep your family happy by making a good home cooked meal using this meal recipe. Good luck as you take on the task.