How To Microwave Baby Potatoes (Step by Step)

Microwaving baby potatoes is a great way to cook potatoes if you are looking for a fast preparation method.

I know you are wondering whether it is safe to microwave baby potatoes in the first place.

Yes, it is very safe. I do it every time I am looking to prepare a quick meal.

But how do you microwave baby potatoes?

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you microwave your baby potatoes.

Step 1: Rinse the baby potatoes.

First, you will need to rinse the baby potatoes thoroughly to ensure that they are clean.

Rinsing removes any dirt from the potato. And you do not want to prepare something dirty for your loved ones.

Step 2: Put the potatoes into a microwave-safe container.

After rinsing the potatoes, put them in a microwave-safe container. You can alternatively use a microwave-safe bowl or even a glass baking dish.

The choice of the dish or bowl that you will use will depend on your preference and the number of baby potatoes you want to microwave.

Step 3: Place your baby potatoes in a microwave.

Put your baby potatoes in a microwave after placing them in the dish or bowl of your choice.

You will microwave the potatoes for approximately 10 minutes on high or until they become tender.

Alternatively, you can microwave your baby potatoes on high power for 5 minutes and then on half power for five more minutes.

The time varies depending on the number of baby potatoes you are cooking and whether you are planning on adding extras or not.

By extras in this sense, I mean either spices or herbs or even creams.

Step 4: Tossing the potatoes.

To ensure that your baby potatoes are fully cooked, you will have to toss them halfway.

Tossing your baby potatoes ensure that they are cooked on all sides. I mean, you do not want to have half-cooked baby potatoes.

You can use a fork to check whether your baby potatoes are fully cooked.

If your baby potatoes are still not ready, you can continue cooking them under 1-minute intervals with high power.

Do this until your baby potatoes are tender. You will know that they are ready when the fork easily goes through.

Once ready, your potatoes are ready to be served.

Other recipes I found for cooking baby potatoes using a microwave are boiling baby potatoes, mashed baby potatoes, and even baked baby potatoes.

For the baked potatoes, however, you will need a microwave for baking.

The good thing about baby potatoes is that they are a healthy dish.

They are rich in nutrients and a good source of proteins and fiber.

Microwaving baby potatoes is the most preferred cooking method as it contains a whole 50% extra vitamin C compared to boiling and baking them.

Microwaved potatoes are also better as compared to boiling them because potatoes that have been microwaved have a more resistant starch than those boiled.

Is it possible to microwave baby potatoes with their skin?

Yes, it is. I know that some of you prefer to have your baby potatoes with skin so you do not have to peel them.

For those of you who just want to microwave their baby potatoes with skin and later on peel them, the good news is you can. Just skin them after they are cooked.

You can either eat them whole or slice them. If you want to get a significantly high amount of fiber from your baby potatoes, then leave the skin on.

The skin of potatoes is known to contain the highest level of fiber.

How long do I have to microwave baby potatoes?

The cooking power of your microwave will determine for how long you will need to microwave your baby potatoes.

The higher the microwave cooking power, the faster your baby potatoes will cook.

Also, the time taken to microwave your baby potatoes will depend on the number of baby potatoes you are cooking and the size.

To shorten the cooking period, you can reduce your baby potatoes’ size by either dicing them or slicing them.

How will I know that the baby potatoes are ready?

You will know that your potatoes are ready if you can easily put a fork through. Before serving your baby potatoes, they should be tender.

That’s How To Microwave Baby Potatoes, Enjoy!

The guide above assists in all the details on how to microwave baby potatoes to your liking.

It also answers some frequently asked questions such as when to know the potatoes are ready and you can get to enjoy your cooking.