How to Melt Cheese in The Microwave?

It is much easier and faster to melt your cheese in the microwave than on a stove and melting cheese on toast in the microwave is not unhealthy since the cheese is a dairy product. 

Ensure to use low heat to avoid the burning of the cheese, or you can choose to grate your cheese on a microwave-safe bowl first before putting it in the microwave to save time.

There are a few types of best cheese for melting, like; Mozzarella, gruyere, gouda, and fontina, among so many others.

But here's how to melt cheese in the microwave in the best possible way in just 3 simple steps...

Steps on How to Melt Cheese Using A Microwave

Depending on the amount, size, shape, temperature, and type of cheese, the melting time may vary. 

But it is always good to start low timing in terms of seconds.

Avoid melting aged cheese as it takes a very long time before melting. Ensure the cheese you are about to melt is at room temperature.

Below are three steps of melting cheese using a microwave...

Step One: Use A Microwave Safe Container

Place your grated or a chunk piece of cheese on a microwave-safe container. 

Ensure to use a non-stick bowl, but if you choose to use a ceramic container, ensure to spray it first with non-stick spray.

Then add evaporated milk (here's how to heat milk in the microwave) and a little cornstarch as they will help your cheese not to become lumpy

Step Two: How To Stop It From Going Lumpy

Add an acidic ingredient, like white vinegar, and mix well as it adds flavour and ensures that your cheese maintains its smoothness when melting. 

If you prefer to use alcohol, you can add beer or white wine.

Place your cheese on a non-stick bowl into the microwave for thirty seconds on high, and this is more than enough time to melt your cheese

Step Three: How To Get Your Cheese Consistent

After the timer stops, remove your bowl from the microwave and stir your melted cheese; it ought to have a smooth consistency and well mixed.

If the cheese has not completely melted, return it to the microwave and give ten more seconds.

Keep on melting your cheese in small intervals until it reaches the consistency that you want


Melted cheese from a microwave is not dangerous to your health because it is a dairy product.

We have seen what happens if you microwave cheese and form a smooth texture due to melting.

We have also seen that you should gradually microwave it until it reaches the consistency you want.

Melting cheese time in the microwave depends on the amount, shape, size, type, and cheese temperature. 

Burning cheese will result in saturated cheese, which is delicious but very harmful to your body.

Ensure you choose cheese with low amounts of saturated fat that is safe for you to consume and avoid melting aged cheese.

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