How To Make Bow Tie Napkins

Bow tie napkins are an easy and cute way to add more class to your dining spaces.

If you are a lover of cute spaces and you have a keen eye for detail then bow tie napkins are a must-have on your dining table.

Any dining table would look fancier with the bow tie napkins on, and since they are easy and fast to make why not try them out?

I always use napkins in my day-to-day activities, especially around the dining table.

However, I always think that the normal ways to fold napkins was boring and therefore I have been looking for different ways to add spice to my life, and as many say the trick is in the details.

So, I decided to look for other ways to fold napkins and found bow tie napkins to suit me most since they are easy to make and versatile with different styles.

The best part about the bow tie napkin is that it does not require any special materials.

All you need is the napkin and another pretty fabric to use in the middle of the bow.

For every bow tie napkin, you intend to make ensure you have another pretty fabric to use in the middle of the bow.

Also, the type of napkin does not matter since regardless of the quality of material or size, any napkin can be folded into a bow tie napkin.

So, if you are looking for the perfect way to add spice into your life by folding bow tie napkins then you are at the right place.

Here I will tell you all the tricks i know to make bow tie napkins

How To Make A Bow Tie Napkin

1. Iron the napkin

What works best for me is a crisp white napkin. I like how it looks nice smooth and flat.

However, any napkin can do the trick and you should feel free to work with what you have.

Iron out both the napkin and the other pretty fabric.

2. First fold

For the next step, you will need to fold the napkin by folding the top down and the bottom up.

Ensure the top and bottom ends meet in the middle and iron the napkin again to maintain this fold.

3. Second fold

Now take the opposite ends of the napkin and make them meet in the middle.

Iron the napkin after this fold to also maintain the fold.

4. Flip it

Once you are done with the folding and ironing, flip over the napkin to reveal what looks like a perfect square.


. Pinch it

Using your index finger and your thumb, pinch the napkin in the middle so that it forms zig-zags evenly.

Even though the zig-zags are even, try and form the biggest dip in the middle.

6. Tie the bow

Take the pretty fabric you had ironed earlier and wrap it around the bow you have made with your fabric.

To secure the bow tie, you can choose to sew the pretty fabric so that you slide out the napkin, use glue or use a pin.

Any method can work so as to ensure the napkins are in a bowtie shape before use.

Once you are done, set the table and enjoy your fancy meal.

How To Make Bow Tie Napkins

Bow tie napkins add a sense of style to your table. You will need a napkin and a pretty fabric to wrap around it.

Iron the napkin and fold it as instructed above, flip it, pinch it, wrap it, and your good to go!