Can You Use an Air Fryer Outdoors? – What To Know Before You Get Started

Have you ever wanted to use your air fryer to make a delicious outdoor meal for your family or you want to make chicken and fries to complement the barbecue party you’re having with your family and friends, but you don’t know if you can use your air fryer outside? Well, you’re not the only one.

Many people want to use their air fryers to cook potatoes, salmon, chips, chicken, and even chocolate chip cookies outside, but they are wary of the label which you can find on different air fryer models, which says you shouldn’t use or store the air fryer outdoors. Because of this, they can’t use the air fryer outdoors.

If you’re having this dilemma, then you can find out if you can use an air fryer outdoors and how to safely do so in our complete guide.

Is It Safe to Use an Air Fryer Outdoors?

Yes, if you use it correctly. If you properly follow the rules to use an air fryer, you can avoid causing any accidents. Air fryers give off a lot of heat, which is why they can pose a lot of safety risks when using them outdoors, especially when you have grass and other flammable objects around your air fryer.

If you want to properly use your air fryer outdoors or anywhere else, you should follow the safety tips below:

·         Read the Manual First:

Before using the air fryer, you should read the manual first. If you order an air fryer, the package comes with a recipe book and a manual.

There’s a lot of important information in the manual, including safety measures, so that you don’t make any mistakes. The manual also includes social media accounts and a customer service phone number that you can use to ask the air fryer manufacturer for help.

·         Use the Right Tools:

It’s easy to burn yourself or the countertop if you don’t use the air fryer properly. The inside and outside of the air fryer get hot when you’re cooking, and so you can’t use your bare hands when using the appliances. Instead, use pinch mitts, oven mitts, or a trivet, all made with silicone.

You can place the hot air fryer baskets and lids on the trivet so it doesn’t burn the surface.

·         Don’t Leave It Plugged

If you’re not using the air fryer, especially if it’s outside, then don’t leave it plugged. When you’re done with using it, you should unplug it.

This is a safe habit to keep in mind when you have an air fryer. If you bump into the air fryer when you’re outside, it can cause burns and even a fire.

·         Position the Air Fryer Properly:

When you place your air fryer on a table or floor, don’t let the hot air ventilation blow into the electrical circuit. Keep it up to eight inches away from the wall and make sure you place it on a heat-resistant surface.

·         Use the Right Cooking Sprays:

Ensure the cooking sprays that you’re using don’t include propellants, aerosol, or any other chemical-based ingredient.

Instead, use high-quality cooking oils so that it doesn’t destroy the coating on the air fryer or baskets.

·         Check the Food Often:

Don’t allow your food to burn when you use the air fryer outside, as this can cause a fire or an accident outside. Air fryers are very sensitive when it comes to heat, and so you should be there while using them so that you don’t cause any damage to your home, yourself, or your loved ones.

·         Keep Kids and Pets Away:

When using an air fryer outside, it’s important to keep your children, pets, and elderly people away from it, as they can cause an accident.

Ensure they play far away from the air fryer because if they touch it, they can get burnt. They can also end up pushing it down and causing a fire.

·         Don’t Put the Air Fryer on the Stove:

The air fryer on the stove can cause a fire, so don’t put it on the stove or the barbecue grill. If you accidentally turn the stove off, it will melt the air fryer and this will lead to a fire.

Can You Use an Air Fryer Outdoors?

Yes, you can, although it’s usually not advised because there are lots of mistakes that you can make. Many models come with a sign that says that you shouldn’t use or store it outside. If you can’t be careful, then you shouldn’t use the air fryer outside.

Instead, use it inside and take the food outside if you’re having a party or gathering outdoors.

But you can use the air fryer outdoors if you’re being safe and you keep children away from the air fryer. With the right safety measures and a proper arrangement, you can use an air fryer outdoors safely.

How to Use an Air Fryer Outside

If you want to use an air fryer outside, the first thing to set up is a shelter. It’s advisable to use it in your patio, under a shade, or anywhere else that there is shelter. Because of the heat, don’t use the air fryer exposed outside, especially when it’s sunny.

After you have a shelter prepared, you should also have a heat-resistant surface or countertop that you can place your air fryer on. Ensure that the air fryer is not close to any wall, but instead place it in a safe place.

The heat-resistant surface shouldn’t be on the floor, as children and pets can easily gain access to it. Ensure it’s on a table or any other high countertop.

Now that you have shelter and the ideal position, you can place your air fryer there to start using it. Ensure that you follow all the safety measures before you start using the air fryer, and check it completely to make sure there are no frayed wires or anything that can cause an accident.

It’s best to use your air fryer outside if it’s portable and light, as carrying a heavy appliance up and down will only be harmful to you. If you have a countertop air fryer, you can easily carry it from your kitchen to the patio outside, and when it has cooled down after use, you can carry it back inside.

With the air fryer outdoors, you can enjoy having great parties and delicious meals with your family and friends. Using different recipes, you can get creative and think up foods that go well with barbecues, or that you can enjoy eating outside. Just make sure that you follow the safety rules and stay safe while using it so that you don’t make any mistakes and cause an accident.