How To Freeze Welsh Cakes

Welsh Cakes are popular not just in Wales but across the UK as a sweet baked snack. They resemble similarities to scones but are flat and cooked in a griddle instead of the oven.

Welsh Cakes can be easily frozen by letting them cool to room temperature, place them in a ziplock freezer suitable bag and push out any remaining air. Then they can be placed in the frozen and will freeze fairly fast.

Welsh cakes are great for cooking in batches and freezing for a later date whether this is to preserve the use of the dough or to make preparation on another day quicker.

What Are Welsh Cakes?

Welsh cakes are a delightful, small, round cake that has been traditional in wales since the late 19th century. They have a dense consistency like a scone, but they are cooked differently. Welsh cakes are flat-baked on a griddle or a cast-iron pan rather than being baked in the oven.

They can be served hot or cold, and are typically eaten with tea and a dusting of icing sugar.

How To Freeze Welsh Cakes?

Freezing Welsh cakes is very simple indeed. As with any and all baked goods, they’re often frozen to maintain freshness and then can be defrosted at another time.

If you want to freeze cooked Welsh cakes, then that’s very easy. Simply slip them into a ziplock bag, and then place the entire bag into your freezer. The cakes will freeze quickly.

Alternatively, you can freeze the uncooked Welsh cakes, and then cook them to eat them hot from the oven. To freeze the uncooked Welsh cakes, you can place them onto a baking sheet with baking paper and flour on it. Then, you can place the sheet into the freezer to freeze the cakes, taking them out when they’re just firm.

Place the firm cakes into a ziplock bag, layered with baking paper, and then place them into a drawer in your freezer.

How To Defrost Welsh Cakes?

To defrost them, we’d recommend slowly bringing them up to fridge temperature, and then bringing them to room temperature. The reason we’d recommend doing it slowly like this is that if the cakes are too damp during their defrosting period, you’re likely to negatively affect the overall texture. Therefore, defrosting slowly is for the best.

If you’d rather have hot Welsh cakes fresh from the oven, then we’d recommend freezing the welsh cakes while they’re uncooked! To do this, start by following the brief instructions that we laid out above.

To cook the frozen cakes, simply defrost them to fridge temperature, and then cook them according to the incredible recipe that you’ve got. Make sure that you definitely cook them from room temperature rather than from frozen – that will ensure a consistent, delicious, and repeatable texture.

The trick to properly defrosting and cooking Welsh cakes is the moisture content. Even if the cakes weren’t frozen at all, the moisture content of them would be an important thing to bear in mind – that is how you ensure the end texture of the cake is as you’d like it to be.

Therefore, make sure to avoid humidity or a wet environment wherever possible whenever cooking or freezing Welsh Cakes.

Freezing the Welsh cakes may actually have an interesting effect on the end texture of your cakes. A number of different cookie and biscuit recipes call for the dough to be refrigerated for a short while before it is cooked.

This is because the outside of the baked item will cook more quickly than the cold butter on the inside, allowing for a crispy outside and fluffy inside. Freezing your raw Welsh cakes and then cooking them will likely lead to a similar result, as Welsh cakes also contain butter!