How To Defrost Bacon In Microwave?

Cooking frozen items can be a hassle. Especially when you have to defrost them beforehand. It only adds more time to your overall cooking.

However, if you don’t thaw them properly, you won’t be able to cook them to perfection.

One simple example would be frozen bacon. The best way to defrost it would be in the microwave.

Defrosting bacon in the microwave requires you to adjust the appliance to the defrost setting. Then you can place the frozen bake on an ovenproof plate and cook the bacon for two to three minutes before turning it over to repeat.

Using the microwave is indeed a quicker and easier way to defrost your bacon. It saves time and energy.

Not to mention that it’s an effective process without much hassle.

However, defrosting bacon will become easier if you follow a few simple tricks and tips that I will be mentioning in this article.

If you pay attention to these, your defrosting results will improve with time.

Will It Be Safe To Defrost Bacon In The Microwave?

Yes, it is safe for you to defrost your bacon in the microwave.

However, once you thaw the bacon, cook it as soon as possible. And refrain from refreezing it again.

This is crucial for health. At the same time, it is also heavily instructed. So, if you do end up refreezing the bacon again, you’re going against the protocols and food safety guidelines. 

Apart from being safe, it is also one of the easiest ways to thaw bacon. All you need is a microwave and your precious minutes.

A kitchen towel is not mandatory but it will facilitate the whole process as the bacon will leak out fat once thawed. So, a kitchen towel will come in handy to wipe off the excess fat.

All you have to do here is just flip the bacon on both sides so that it is evenly cooked.

It’s plain and simple and requires no extra inconvenience. I can’t think of any other process that is safer than this. 

How To Defrost Your Bacon In The Microwave: Step by Step

You will get the best results if you defrost your bacon in the microwave.

However, there aren’t any extra items that you need to perform this task. All you need is your bacon and microwave.

A kitchen towel is recommended but not essential for this process.

However, make sure that you cook your bacon right after you defrost it.

Step 1: Unpackage the frozen bacon and prepare for defrosting.

Step 2: Bring an ovenproof plate and place the bacon on top of it.

Step 3: This is not compulsory, but you can place a kitchen towel on top of the plate before you place the bacon. The kitchen towel will help to soak up the excess fat that leaks out during the defrosting process. Make sure you also cover the bacon with another kitchen towel over it.

Step 4: Put the bacon inside the microwave and select the setting for defrost to get the best results.

Step 5: Microwave the bacon for two minutes. Once that’s over, flip it to the other side and put it back in for another three minutes. In total, you should defrost your bacon for five minutes. Don’t cross this time limit. 

If you do so, you might end up cooking your bacon. But the time mostly depends on the power of the oven and the size of the bacon.

However, while you’re turning the bacon, make sure the kitchen towel stays covered.

Step 5: Take the bacon out of the microwave and prepare for cooking.

Will Defrosting The Bacon Change Its Texture?

If you defrost bacon in the microwave properly and for the right amount of time, the texture of the bacon will not change.

However, the right time depends on the thickness and weight of the bacon.

Clumped and thicker portions of bacon will require more time than the thin slices that have been spread out. 

But, if you microwave the bacon for a longer time and at a higher heat, chances are that the texture will change.

The change will not be drastic, but it will ruin the flavour once you start cooking it.

Therefore, if you don’t want the texture to vary, cook it at the recommended temperature and time.

There is also the possibility of cooking the bacon if you microwave it for a longer period of time. And that will destroy the purpose of defrosting.

It is important to note that defrosting is not the same as cooking. You cook it to consume it afterwards or later on.

The purpose of defrosting is to thaw the frozenness out of the food.

There are a few tips and tricks on how to defrost the bacon quicker, and I’ll mention them in a bit, but the best and quickest way is to separate the slices before you put them inside the microwave.

If you put clumped-up bacon inside the microwave, it will not defrost evenly, even if you flip it around. 

It’s not easy to defrost a whole thick block of bacon. But if you separate the slices, then each of the pieces will get a chance to defrost properly.

Tips & Tricks To Defrost Bacon Quickly

Bacon has always been a great addition to meals. But most importantly, it serves as a daily breakfast.

So, we expect the whole defrosting and cooking process to be quick so that we can have our breakfast and step out of the house for the long day ahead.

This is why it’s important to know a few simple ways in which you can thaw your bacon faster.

Firstly, refrain from putting the package inside the microwave.

Even though some might find it inconvenient to remove the bacon from the packaging, this does not help your bacon defrost faster.

On top of that, there are chances of the package burning if you set the temperature too high and cook it for a long time.

Even though paper towels are not mandatory, it’s highly recommended so that they can soak up the excess bacon fat that will drip during defrosting.

If you don’t put the paper in earlier, you’ll end up having to get rid of the excess fat later on, which will waste more time.

As previously mentioned, don’t put clumps of bacon inside the microwave. The middle portion will stay cold while the outer part might even get cooked.

So, separate each of the strips and then put it inside the microwave.

If you only want a few pieces of bacon in the morning, there is no use in defrosting the whole packet. So, separate a few layers and microwave them for a shorter time.

Make sure to flip and rotate the bacon every few seconds for it to evenly defrost.

Cook the bacon right away after you’re done defrosting. This will give you the best results, without a doubt.