How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan

A cast iron grill pan is an essential part of a complete kitchen.

Whether you just purchased yours or inherited it, it is necessary to clean your cast iron grill pan you are done with work.

As we all know, proper cleaning of kitchenware is essential in ensuring the health of a user and increasing the lifespan.

As a parent, the health of my kids is a priority.

That’s why I have invested a lot of time in learning how to properly clean my utensils.

Once I finish preparing those delicious meals with my cast iron grill pan, I follow these simple practices to clean it.

Method 1: Wash with Soap and Warm Water

Before you employ any drastic cleaning methods, it is a great idea to clean your cast iron grill pan using water and soap.

This method is effective for cleaning temporary stains.


  • Warm Water
  • Soap
  • Scrubber


Step 1: Dampen scrubber and apply soap

Put water in a basin and immerse your scrubber in to dampen it.

Apply soap until it lathers and use it to scrub your cast iron grill pan.

Step 2 : Rinse the cast iron grill pan

Once you get rid of all stains, you should rinse off excess soap and dry off the cast iron grill pan.

Method 2: Wash Cast Iron Grill Pan with Salt and Warm Water

When it comes to cleaning any kitchenware, warm water and salt can come in handy.

Salt is available in almost any household, thus making this method the easiest way to clean your cast iron grill pan.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this method.


  • Salt
  • Warm water
  • Scrubber
  • Dish soap


Step 1: Cover the Pan’s Surface with Salt and Scrub

When cleaning your cast iron grill pan, the first step is covering its surface with salt and scrub using a scrubber.

Sprinkle salt on the surface and add a little amount of warm water.

Gently scrub and try to remove as many stains as you can.

Step 2: Wash off the Salt Using Water and Dish Soap

Once you scrub off all the stains from the cast iron grill pan, the next step is to apply dish soap and rinse off.

You can let excess water dry off slowly or you can wipe the pan using a paper towel.

Method 3: Using a Cast Iron Cleaning Kit

Are you looking for the easiest and quickest method to clean your cast iron grill pan?

If yes, then you may want to try using a cast iron grill cleaning kit.

This method is an effective option for an individual that wants results within a short time.

Using a cast iron grill cleaning kit is more effective than the techniques above, as the items are specially formulated for cast iron cookware.


  • Sponge
  • Water
  • Cast iron grill cleaning kit (includes ; scrub, soap and conditioning oil)


Step 1 : Wash cast iron grill pan with water

Clean the cast iron grill pan with water to eliminate excess food residues and create a clear surface for the scrub cleaning kit.

Step 2 : Apply scrub and start scrubbing

Apply small amounts of scrub onto the pan and scrub using the sponge.

Add small amounts of water while scrubbing until all the stains disappear.

Step 3 : Apply soap and rinse the cast iron grill pan clean

Pour some soap on the cast iron grill pan and scrub using a sponge to remove excess scrub.

Rinse off excess soap using water and dry off excess water.

Step 4 : Apply oil conditioner

Finally, apply the oil conditioner to season your cast iron grill pan.

How To Clean Your Cast Iron Grill Pan

Cleaning your cast iron grill pan is not an easy task. However, these few tips can help make the job less challenging.

Washing with water and soap is an excellent technique if the stains on your pan aren’t permanent.

However, you may need to employ methods such as soap and warm water or a cast iron grill cleaning kit if your pan has rust or stubborn stains.