How Do You Thaw Bacon?

Cooking is such a pleasurable experience but the enjoyment can be compromised if preparation is forgotten or ignored.

When I am expecting to be cooking bacon for breakfast I always try and prepare the night before because there’s nothing worse than waking up hungry and excited for that big breakfast you promised the family only to remember you forgot to defrost the bacon!

Below I will discuss three ways that can be used so that you can safely thaw bacon.

Three bacon thawing methods

The three ways I recommend for thawing bacon are described in an order with the slowest first and the fastest, last.

  • In the refrigerator
  • In cold water
  • In a microwave (my #1 hack)

In the refrigerator

If possible, and when I remember, I recommend this method as it’s probably the safest way yo defrost meat.

After removing the bacon from the freezer I place it in a container and leave it in the refrigerator ‘over night’ or for between eight and twelve hours.

This method will provide defrosted bacon (learn how to defrost ground turkey too and also defrost ground beef using a microwave) that will be perfect for cooking, every time.

I have found that after using this process, the bacon can be stored in the fridge for several days before use.

Therefore, I use this method when there is likely hood that not all of the bacon will be required for one serving.

Thaw Bacon In cold water

I use this method when I have been a little absentminded and have forgotten to move the frozen bacon from the freezer to the refrigerator.

The bacon should be kept in its sealed packaging, or placed in a sealed kitchen bag, before being immersed in COLD water. It is important to stress the use only of cold water.

When I use this process it usually takes around 15-20 minutes for the bacon to be ready for cooking.

I will cook all the bacon when using this defrosting method. placing any excess cooked bacon in the refrigerator for use in the next couple of days.

You should not put any uncooked bacon, when using this method, in the refrigerator or refreeze it.

Thawing Bacon In A Microwave (my #1 hack)

This is undoubtedly my “get out of jail” method when I have completely forgotten to prepare the bacon and the hungry hoards are about to descend upon me.

This may seem to be a simple solution but I have found that there are a few things to consider when using this method.

First, remove the bacon from its packaging and place on a microwave safe plate.

Bacon is often purchased in sealed, plastic packaging which may start to melt within a microwave.

Ensure that you select the’defrost’ mode (low power). The bacon should defrost in a few minutes.

However, I try to defrost for around one minute and then check the bacon before I turn on the microwave for a further minute so as not to allow the bacon to become ‘cooked’ during the defrosting process.

I follow this sequence until I can feel that the bacon is fully defrosted.

Once I have the fully thawed bacon out of the microwave I cook it all, immediately.

You should never refreeze the bacon once it has been defrosted.

How Do You Thaw Bacon

Whichever method of defrosting you may choose, I consider it to be a wise move to use the bacon up completely as soon as possible.

There is always a potential for bacteria to form rapidly on defrosted bacon and, under no circumstances, should you refreeze it.

A further point I would like to make is that you should never try to defrost bacon at room temperature or by just leaving it on the kitchen worktop to thaw.

Ideally, I like to use the refrigerator method of defrosting but this is not always possible due to ‘forgetfulness’ or people turning up ‘out of the blue’ and needing to be fed.

Trying to fry frozen bacon will not be successful, the rashers will stick together and you will find it almost impossible to get the bacon to cook fully and become ‘crispy’ if it is not properly defrosted.