Can You Use the Stainless Steel Instant Pot on the Stove?

Instant Pots don’t come cheap, and if you own one, you probably want to make the most out of its features. An Instant Pot’s inner pot is made from durable stainless steel and is made with excellent quality, but can you use it on the stove? 

You can’t use the stainless steel Instant Pot inner on the stove. The inner pot is durable, but its base is not thick enough to use on the stovetop. Depending on the heat level you use, the base’s outer layer could melt or become misshapen and not connect with your Instant Pot’s heating element. 

In this article, I’ll explain what happens if you use an Instant Pot inner pot on the stove. I’ll also discuss whether or not you can use it for other things. 

What Happens if I Use an Instant Pot Inner Pot on the Stove?

With its durable stainless steel construction, you would think that an Instant Pot’s inner pot makes the ideal stovetop cooking vessel. But what will really happen if you use it on the stove? 

If you use an Instant Pot inner pot on the stove, the base’s outer layer could melt and become damaged. When this happens, your Instant Pot might not function correctly and the inner pot will struggle to connect with the heating element. 

Instant Pot inner pots have thin bases to accommodate the small heating element inside the Instant Pot. The heat from a stovetop plate is too powerful for the inner pot, and you could end up burning your food. 

You could also burn the inner pot’s base, leaving an ugly black mark. 

Thankfully, if you accidentally use your Instant Pot inner pot on the stove, you can order a new one. However, it will be pricey since you’ll need to get one from the original brand. Many generic inner pots are available online, but they’re not guaranteed to work seamlessly with an Instant Pot. 

You should also avoid using your Instant Pot’s inner vessel with other pressure cooker brands. It’s designed to be only compatible with Instant Pot bases

Can I Use My Instant Pot Inner Pot for Other Things?

Now you know that you shouldn’t use your Instant Pot’s inner stainless steel pot on the stovetop. But what about using it for other things?

You can use your Instant Pot inner pot as a mixing bowl, for preparing ingredients and for marinating foods in the refrigerator. You should avoid putting it in the oven as it’s not oven-safe. 

Let’s discuss each of these uses in more detail.

Mixing Bowl

Your Instant Pot’s inner pot makes an excellent mixing bowl. Because it’s made from durable stainless steel, it can easily withstand the force of a food mixer. 

If you don’t already have a mixing bowl, using your Instant Pot’s inner pot is a wonderful idea. You can store it inside your Instant Pot, making it great for those with limited kitchen cabinet space. 

The only drawback to using it as a mixing bowl is that the sides of larger Instant Pot inners can be too high. Inner pots also don’t have spouts for pouring out ingredients, so if you’re already using your Instant Pot to prepare something else, the inner pot won’t be available as a mixing bowl. 

Preparing Ingredients

You can use your Instant Pot’s inner pot for preparing ingredients that you’ll cook in your Instant Pot or elsewhere. 

For example, if you’re preparing a chicken curry and need somewhere to store your diced chicken, your Instant Pot’s inner pot makes an excellent, temporary receptacle. 

Marinating Foods

The Instant Pot inner pot is the perfect size for accommodating a whole chicken and is a great vessel for marinating one in the refrigerator. 

You could also marinate smaller portions of meat in your Instant Pot’s inner. You just need to have enough refrigerator space and remember to cover it with plastic wrap so that the smell doesn’t flavor other food. 

Is Instant Pot’s Inner Pot Dishwasher Safe? 

You can’t use Instant Pot’s inner pot on the stovetop, and it’s not oven-safe. So, can you clean it in the dishwasher? 

Instant Pot’s inner pot is dishwasher safe, and you can use it with a wide range of detergents. You can also scrub it, but avoid doing it too harshly as this could scratch the surface.  

The inner pot is prone to staining, but you can easily get rid of the stains by cleaning the pot thoroughly and then soaking it in white vinegar.