Can You Use Ramekins In An Instant Pot?

Ramekins are a great addition to a kitchen, they can be used to make desserts, mini pies and much more. They are more commonly used in ovens but you might also be wondering if they can be used in instant pots.

Ramekins are safe to use within an instant pot to make single desserts and pies. As they are oven safe and are made to be used in high temperatures they can withstand the heat of an instant pot. You will still need to add water to the instant pot to allow food to cook.

In this article, we are going to be talking about whether it is safe to use ramekins in an instant pot and what you need to know.

Is It Safe To Use Ramekins In An Instant Pot?

Instant pots are electric pressure cookers that work by generating heat under a tight seal. This causes the temperature inside the pot to reach higher than the boiling point of water and so it cooks food more quickly than other normal cooking methods.

This brand of single or multi-cookers save space and time in the kitchen. They are used to cook everything from rice down to yoghurt and so they save the need for extra kitchen appliances like the rice cooker and egg cookers. Instant pots even function as a pressure cooker.

Instant pots support the use of certain “Oven safe” materials. These materials include containers made from metal, silicone, ceramic and glass.

Ramekins are small, glazed bowls specifically designed to withstand high-temperature ranges. They are made of strong ceramic, tempered glass, porcelain and are considered to be oven-safe. They are ideal not just for serving desserts but also in the preparation of food.

Because these materials can withstand high temperature for a long period of time -or at least, long enough to get your cooking done- yes, Ramekins are safe to use inside an instant pot.

They are perfect for cooking and because of their small sizes, multiple ramekins can be stashed into an instant pot.

Ramekins are so practical to use.

Can You Use Ramekins To Cook In An Instant Pot?

The answer…. Is yes. Ramekins are not just cute little bowls that make the dessert look extremely lovely, they are also used in cooking as they are oven and dishwasher friendly.

They can especially be used in an oven and instant pot but there are catches.

Cooking with Ramekins requires care. Sure, they are strong enough to be used in an oven and instant pot but there a few points to note before burning down your kitchen in carelessness or causing a whole lot of mess.

  • Is there enough liquid in the pot?
    While using your ramekin, it is important to add at least half a cup of water to the inner pot of the instant pot. This is because the pot runs on steam. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that there will be no steam without water. You do not want to risk burning your food.
  • Ensure that you set the seal valve.
    This will ensure that the instant pot is carefully sealed. There is no way pressure will build enough to cook your food properly if there is a means of escape. Always remember to seal the pot during use.
  • Carefully clean your pot after use.
    Of course, we do the dishes after we are done eating, that’s a given, but I bet you do not know there are wrong ways to use and clean an instant pot.

Can You Use Ramekins in an Instant Pot?

It is safe to use a Ramekin inside an instant pot as it cooks, faster and is heat-friendly.

Given that the pot is operating perfectly well,  there is no reason a ramekin can not function inside an instant pot.

1. General pot-in-pot cooking with ramekin.

The pot-in-pot method is one method where we can use a ramekin in making individually portioned food inside the instant pot.

Firstly, the instant pot needs to be properly assembled with the presence of various safety pot equipments like a trigger and retriever tong. A trivet is simply a cooking rack for steaming food.

The ingredients are added into the ramekin, water is added into the inner pot and the trivet is placed at the bottom of pot. Ensure there is an aluminum foil sling in place to lift the pot out.

Seal the lid in place afterwards and cook the food for as long as is needed.

This method is used with ramekin because of its oven safe property.

It is extremely important to never put a frozen ramekin straight into the instant pot as it might cause it to shatter.

2. Baking with Ramekins in an Instant Pot

Just like in the case of French baked eggs,  the ramekin-instant pot pair is a great kitchen appliance for baking.

The methods are pretty simple. The ramekins to be used are greased with butter and the ingredients are added afterwards. Two cups of water is added to the pot, followed of course by the trivet. The lid locked and the result is a lightly baked snack.

This is once more proof that ramekins make great culinary equipment.