Can A SodaStream Carbonate Wine?

SodaStream’s are designed to carbonate water only. The official usage guide states the process of doing so and highlights the things you should not attempt with your machine.

However, this is because the SodaStream is not designed to carbonate wine and other alcoholic beverages – that said, it doesn’t mean it can’t!

When carbonating a liquid, you’re essentially dissolving carbon dioxide into it, so that it can slowly be released and therefore fizz.

Because you’re dissolving something, you want to use a liquid that isn’t already saturated with other things. This is the reason that pure alcohol and water make such good solvents, as they’re only made up of one basic chemical.

So, while it’s somewhat dangerous if not done correctly, you can carbonate wine and other alcoholic drinks using a SodaStream. That said, I can not be held responsible for any damaged caused. Nor can SodaStream as it’s against their guidelines so proceed with caution.

We have found from experience that the best wine to carbonate in a SodaStream is dry white wine as it has a higher percentage of water and a lower sugar content which therefore leads to fewer solutes dissolved into it.

How To Carbonate Wine With A SodaStream

On the surface of it all, using a SodaStream to carbonate wine is very simple. The steps are these:

  1. Add your wine to your SodaStream bottle.
  2. Put the bottle into the SodaStream.
  3. Add fizz.

However, there are a few other things that you’ll need to do in order to make sure that it works and that you stay safe, however. The first is to take it slow.

Normally, you’d be completely safe to fill the bottle up to the top, and let the SodaStream do the rest. – This isn’t a good idea here!

In this case, you’ll need to give the bottle plenty of headspace to make sure that there’s room for the liquid to foam and expand. When you start to add the fizz, you need to press the button very slowly to begin.

Give it a few small pushes in order to dissolve the carbon dioxide, and stop there. It’s better to be a little under carbonated and have your SodaStream live to fizz again than it is to go crazy and have a broken SodaStream on your hands.

When you’re satisfied with the fizz level, very slowly unscrew the bottle from the SodaStream. Remember, you’re taking the liquid from a pressurized environment to an unpressurized one, so you need to give the drink time for that transition to take place slowly.

Once you’ve got the bottle out of the machine, give it a taste. Does it need a little more fizz?

Then you can screw it back on and gently add a little more. It might take a little experimenting at first, but after that first time, you’ll know just how much fizz you can get away with.

Secondly, be sure to use the appliance in a spacious area, free from anything which could be damaged. SodaStream’s don’t need electricity to work, so a good place may be the bathtub as any excess can fall into the tub and minimise the amount of clean up and damage.

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