Can You Use Pyrex On The Stovetop?

At one time, I used Pyrex on my stove, and it exploded, but when I tried later, I got a whole different experience.

So, is it safe to put Pyrex on a stovetop?

Yes, Pyrex is safe on a stovetop but not indestructible. However, from my research and experience, I have learned that some pyrex can be used on a stovetop while others cannot.

Pyrex differs in its properties and uses, and therefore its compatibility on a stovetop depends on the type of pyrex dish being used while cooking.

Pyrex Properties and Uses

Pyrex is five to six times stronger than the typical glass product.

Due to its heat-resistant quality can accommodate up to 425-degree F, thus making it perfect for use in the kitchen.

If you are using pyrex cookware, you can comfortably use it on the stovetop as it is designed to be used on the stovetop.

The pyrex cookware can stand extreme heat since it is made with soda-lime, which is heat-strengthened.

While baking, avoid using the pyrex bakeware on the stovetop since the soda-lime used to make it is not resistant to thermal shock.

Also, do not use pyrex glassware and serving dishes on the stovetop.

However, it is paramount to understand the instructions for your particular dish before using it on a stovetop.

Safety measures should be observed to protect the user from the risk of injuries or product damage.

So, Can I Use Pyrex On The Stovetop?

Newer Pyrex can be used on the stovetop but not all older models can be safely. 

Initially, Pyrex was mainly designed to be heat resistant. Unfortunately, the traditional Pyrex started experiencing explosions, causing personal injuries.

However, there is an improved pyrex version that is heat resistant and can withstand sudden temperature changes. They are more robust, harder, and more long-lasting.