Can You Microwave Saran Wrap?

Saran wrap, also known as plastic wrap or cling film, is used to cover food and protect it from contamination.

It is usually made from plastic and is one of the most effective items to have in the kitchen. 

You can use it to cover foods in bowls or dishes that do not have their covers or lids.

However practical or critical saran paper is, there are still questions as to whether or not you can microwave saran paper.

Can you microwave saran wrap?

The straightforward answer to this question is Yes and below are the reasons why:


As mentioned before, saran paper is made of very light plastic called polyethylene.

This material does not do well in a lot of heat.

So naturally, it is safe to assume that saran paper would not do well in the microwave.

However, this is not the case.

Most manufacturers of saran paper design the materials so that they can withstand typical microwave heat.


Naturally, plastic materials usually contain toxic chemicals.

The chemicals are usually dormant until they are heated, and they creep into your food. This is a common issue with plastic containers. 

However, this is not the issue with saran wraps.

Most, if not all, saran wrap brands work hard to ensure they adhere to all the safety guidelines and precautions set by the FDA. Therefore, saran wrap is safe.

Even with the information above, you still need to be careful when microwaving saran paper. Below are some precautions you ought to take:

Check if the saran paper is labeled microwave safe

The first and most important thing you should do before microwaving saran paper is to check if the label indicates that it is safe for the microwave.

Note that not all saran wrap brands are microwave friendly. Saran wraps made by generic brands may not be as microwave-friendly as the latter.

Ensure that you follow USDA instructions

The USDA issues instructions for cooking in the microwave.

In the case of plastic wraps, USDA recommends that you do not touch the food and provide venting for it. 

The venting will allow for heat to seep into the food, and not touching it will keep you from getting burnt by the paper.

Use perforated saran wrap

Note that saran wrap is generally airproof. This means that it does not allow air to seep in or out of the food or container.

Therefore, if you plan to microwave saran wrap, it would help if it was perforated.

The reason for doing this is to allow air to escape from the food as it heats.

Failure to poke the holes or use perforated saran wrap may cause melting or bursting as the heat rises inside the container.

Do not use saran wrap on oily foods

When oily foods are microwaved, the oil gets hotter than foods without it hence melting the wrap.

The wrap will melt in your food, and you cannot eat it afterward.

Therefore, it would be best not to microwave oily foods covered with saran.


You can microwave saran paper.

However, it would help if you made sure that the paper is labeled microwave-friendly and perforated.

You also ought to follow USDA guidelines and avoid using them on oily foods.


Is saran wrap microwave safe?

It is generally safe. However, it depends on whether you follow the recommendations provided.

Is it dangerous to put saran wrap in the microwave?

It can be dangerous if you have oily foods and if you are using generic saran wrap that isnt microwave-friendly.

Is microwaving saran wrap bad?

It is not necessarily bad as long as you are following the recommended instructions.

Is microwaving saran wrap toxic?

Yes, it can be toxic, especially if the wrap manufacturers do not follow FDA regulations.

What happens if I microwave saran wrap?

The occurrences depend on how you use it; if you are using it correctly, it should be okay.

If not, it can melt or explode, especially if you are microwaving oily foods. 

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