Can You Microwave Lentils?

I love experimenting with different food and different cooking techniques.

That is how I came across microwaving lentils. Is it possible?

In this article, I am going to talk about lentils, the different types, how to prepare them, the dishes you can pair them with, and yes, you can microwave lentils

Can you microwave lentils?

Yes, you can; the good thing about lentils is that they are generally softer than other lentils making them easier to cook.

You only need to add water to them, place them in a microwave-safe container, pop them in the microwave, and wait for about 10 minutes.

All through the 10 minutes, make sure to stir your lentils for even cooking.

After the 10 minutes, your lentils should be done, but if they are still hard, you can add another minute or two.

Lentils are one of my favorite dishes to prepare; I love them, and so does my family.

They are easy to cook and allow you to play with different herbs and spices and make your dish.

The fact that lentils can be microwaved makes cooking so much easier; try them out if you never have; I promise you will not be disappointed.

How do I prepare my lentils?

I love lentils; they are versatile; I can make soups, Currys, and even salads.

After buying a pack of lentils, the first thing I do is pick out any stones; I proceed to wash my lentils then boil them to soften the shell.

Many people do not boil their lentils since they are a softer kind of legume, but I prefer boiling them; this is where I got the idea of microwaving the lentils.

If lentils could microwave them, I would have saved a lot of time from boiling.

What are Lentils?

The majority of you reading this article already know what lentils are, and you wanted to know whether you can microwave them for easier cooking.

But for those who do not, lentils legumes that grow in pods.

India and Canada produce the most lentils globally, and people have managed to create different dishes from the legumes.

Types of legumes

There are various legumes, but the most prominent ones are red, black, brown, and green. The red legumes take the slowest time to cook compared to the other three.

Brown lentils are the most common and affordable.

Green lentils have a spice to them; they are naturally spicy and similar to brown lentils in terms of availability.

Black lentils resemble caviar because when cooked, they form a shiny outer layer.

Nutritional information on Lentils

With all legumes, protein is abundant, the same with lentils.

The protein in lentils gives the body a lot of energy and the feel of being full.

Apart from protein, lentils also have fiber to help indigestion. Vitamins and minerals are also prevalent in lentils which aid in oxygen transportation.

A cup of lentils also provides the body with 230 calories.