Can You Microwave Egg In The Shell? (How To Guide)

Imagine waking up with a growling stomach and only a few minutes before you have to leave the house.

Nothing beats the sound of butter striking a hot pan and eggs being fried to start the day, but you don’t have the time.

You consider heating up a few for a quick breakfast, but you’re not sure if microwaved eggs in the shell are safe.

Microwaves are handy tools when you need to cook on the go.

It is hard to survive without this convenient cooking appliance.

For several reasons, you may be apprehensive about boiling eggs in the microwave during the early morning rush.

Perhaps you’re concerned about the safety of this cooking method, or you’re unsure how to cook eggs in the microwave.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about microwaving eggs in the shell, as well as some cooking techniques therefore, you will be ready any time you are hungry and in a harry.

So, Can You Microwave Eggs In The Shell?

No, it’s not recommended to microwave eggs in the shell without adding them to water.

The many time I tried this disappointed me as the eggs exploded in the oven.

Here’s why…

What You Need To Know About a Microwave and Its Functionality.

A microwave uses energy waves to cook food.

The waves emitted by microwaves are similar to the radio ones though short because of the device.

These energy waves primarily target your food’s accessible water molecules, causing them to shake and generate heat.

A microwave heat food more uniformly.

Is it safe to microwave eggs in their shells?

It is feasible to cook eggs in the microwave but not directly in the shell as is without water.

However, experts advise breaking eggs from the shells before heating them in the microwave because boiling eggs in their shells increase the risk of exploding.

Because a microwave cooks food quickly, steam builds up quicker than eggs can exhale through their pores, causing the steam to burst through the shells.

For the same reason, you should always pierce the unbeaten egg’s yolk with the point of your kitchen knife or a wooden pick before microwaving them.

The steam can quickly and safely escape through the vents you’ve created.

You may microwave eggs while still in their intact shells if you pour water on them and season it with salt.

You can also cook beaten eggs if you don’t want them to be spherical.

Going To Try It Anyway? Here’s How to Microwave Eggs in Shells.

  1. Put them in the microwave-safe bowl

To prepare your eggs:
Use a bowl or any large glass.
Arrange your eggs in a single layer in the bowl.
Do not pile them on top of each other and prevent cracking them.

  1. Fill the cooking basin with water.

    Fill a large bowl with water and pour it over the eggs until they are completely submerged.

    Make sure there’s at least a half-inch or a centimetre of water over your eggs. If you don’t thoroughly cover your eggs with water, they may explode in a short period.

You can speed up the cooking process by pouring hot water on your eggs instead of room temperature water. Nonetheless, you must completely cover your eggs with water.

  1. Add a tablespoon of salt to the cooking bowl.

Take a tablespoonful of salt and add to the dish with water and eggs. The reason I recommend this to prevent the eggs from exploding.

  1. Cook your eggs for no longer than 12 minutes.

Start by placing your eggs in the microwave on low but increasing power.

Depending on your microwave, hard boiling the eggs could take up to around 10 minutes. In case you need softer eggs or increase high power in your microwave, the eggs may be ready sooner.

  1. Allow time for your eggs to chill before handling them.

Because the contents will be relatively hot when your eggs are done, remove them from the microwave with an oven mitt. Wait until the cooked eggs have completely cooled before touching them or reaching into the cooking basin. However, to speed up the chilling process, drain all of the hot water and then replace the cooking basin with cold water. You’ll also avoid overcooking your eggs this way.

  1. Take pleasure in your boiled eggs.

When they are completely cool, you can crack them open and eat them. You can eat them on your own or use them in several recipes.

Microwaving Eggs In Their Shell Is NOT Recommended

Preparing food in the microwave is convenient if you don’t feel like cooking or in a hurry.

I hope you understand that you cannot microwave eggs with the shell without adding them to water.

The many time I tried this disappointed me as the eggs exploded in the oven.

Therefore, follow the step by step above, and you will have your boiled eggs in less than 15 minutes.