Can you Microwave Beets?

It is always my happiness that after a long day, my family comes to a warm cooked dinner.

To see the smile on their faces will be the greatest gift you can get.

As much as I like cooking a lot, I like changing the daily recipes every time to keep everyone’s appetite going.

In this article, I will teach you how to safely microwave beets, here is a step by step procedure.

A step by step process into microwaving beets safely

As you are seated at the dinner table everyday, you can agree with me that it is important that most of the meals you take has an inclusivity of vitamins.

In this case, vegetables should always be available.

Most people find vegetables annoying in their meals and for this reason, you have to make it taste sweet.

Here are steps of how you can accomplish that.

1.Prep the beets

At the first point, it will be more favourable if you buy smaller beets compared to the larger ones.

This will make the preparing process be faster.

Trim the stem and leaves.

However, do not trash them at first as they can be baked or roasted.

2.Pierce through the beets

After finishing washing and peping the beets, you can now place them on the microwave plate and place parchment paper on top of them.

This is to make sure you still keep yourself safe in the kitchen.

Ensuring that the paper in place, pierce through with a sharp knife.

Do this process for a while but do not overdo it.

The reason for this is to make sure that steam escapes while cooking.

3.Wrap with a parchment paper

Wrapping again with parchment paper will be of great use as it prevents the beets from drying out while in the microwave.

Do not stress too much on the look while sealing. Just make sure they are all wrapped up in a bundle completely.

4.Microwaving the beets

at this point, you can refer back to the advantage of buying smaller beets to the larger ones.

It takes approximately 5 to 6 minutes to microwave smaller beets and on the other hand, the bigger ones take 10 to 12 minutes.

The advantage comes in when you reduce the cooking time.

5.Unwrapping the beets

If you want to know that the cooked beets are doing good, then they need to have a squishy feel.

Although with this feel, you need to make sure that they have maintained a bit of firm.

Remove the beets from the microwave and let them cool first before unwrapping to avoid unnecessary injury.

Can you microwave beets? Yes, you can.

The above guidelines will show you a safe step by step procedure to accomplish it. You can do so since:

  • microwaving is the fastest way to acquire a great meal compared to the traditional method
  • Microwaving this vegetable will ensure that you get a good aroma appealing to anyone who is going to eat.
  • Through microwaving, it is a guarantee that you will maintain nutrition rate of the vegetable which is benefitial to body health.

You can increase your kitchen skills by using this procedure in making your vegetable at home.

Create a wonderful delicacy and all the best in the process.