Can copper chef pans be used on induction cooktops? (Pros, Cons, Risks, Warnings)

Yes, copper chef pans can be used on induction cooktops because they are made of ceramic top, and a magnetic steel plate is placed on the bottom.

Induction cooktops create heat by vibrating the atoms in the cooking vessel, which is an electromagnetic field property.

Because of the magnetic base, the copper chef pan becomes ferromagnetic; hence they are compatible with the induction cooktop.

Steps to Check Whether Your Copper Chef Pan Will Work on An Induction Cooktop

Use an ordinary fridge magnet. Place your magnet on the base of the pan and wait for the results.

If the magnet sticks, the pan has a ferromagnetic metal that can be used on an induction cooktop.

If the magnet falls or does not stick, the pan is not suitable for use on cooktops because it does not have ferromagnetic metal.

Pros of Copper Chef Pan


Taste and color change in your food is produced by certain metals during the cooking process.

Copper cookware turns some items such as tomatoes unpalatable and acidic. Because of that reason, the copper chef pan uses ceramic on the cooking surface to avoid such problems, although it is made of copper.


When it comes to energy consumption, copper chef pan saves a lot because they heat up fast, making the process fast.

The fast heating is due to the copper used as the base material. Due to its conductivity, delicate food that gets ruined by cookware that does not heat up fast is easily made.

Heat resistance

Compared to other cookware, the copper chef pan can be used in ovens up to eight hundred and fifty degrees when some other brand cannot withstand the heat.

Because of heat resistance, the copper chef pan ensures perfect cooking in the oven. Copper chef pan cookware is the best due to its heat resistance compared to others.

Less oil

Less oil is consumed when cooking because the copper chef pan has a naturally non-stick surface. The amount of oil used if the copper chef cooking pan is well seasoned is minimal.

Cons of Copper Chef Pan


Copper chef pans are a bit heavy but not compared to other cookware that has a combination of metal and ceramic.

You need to be careful when holding the copper chef pan because you can strain your wrist because of the weight.

You need to plan on how to hold the pan because the weight will also increase when food is included.


Buying a copper chef pan is expensive, although the product is of high quality. You will need to be careful when using them to avoid damage because you will have wasted a lot of money if the pan gets damaged.


Wraps or bumps can quickly occur because copper is a soft metal, although it is helpful in kitchens.

If you drop the copper chef pan, your pan can crack because ceramic is not that resistant. Because of that reason, you need to handle this type of cookware carefully.

Lids Vs. Body

Most of the copper chef pan comes with a tampered lid glass which is not resistant to oven temperatures of up to eight hundred and fifty degrees.

Because of that reason, it is advisable to keep them out of the oven when using your copper chef pan.


  • Strain on your wrist can occur due to the copper chef pan’s weight
  • Shutter of glass lid due to temperature changes or accidental drop which can cause damage to your body.

Warnings of Using Copper Chef Pan

  • A copper chef pan should never be left empty on a hob.
  • For adult use only
  • A copper chef pan should not be handled when hot, especially when inside the oven.
  • Caution should be exercised when using the glass lid. Due to sudden temperature changes, it can shutter, or in case the lid drops on harder material, it may also shutter.
  • Stop using the glass lid immediately if it cracks, chips, or becomes damaged.
  • If the cookware is damaged, do not attempt to repair it.
  • The copper chef pan is for home use only, not commercial or camping use.
  • Copper chef pan should never be used in microwave or toaster oven.
  • Aerosol cooking spray should not be used on the pan. It is difficult to reduce the non-stick coating due to the build-up caused by the spray on the pan.
  • The copper chef pans unattended whilst should never be left in use.


Yes, copper chef pane can be used on induction cooktops because they have a ferromagnetic metal that is compatible with the induction cooktops.

You need to read the warnings carefully to ensure that you are safe when using the copper chef pan.

Most importantly, you need to be cautious when handling the pan due to weight, leading to wrist strain.